I’ve Moved

19 Sep

My bags are packed and ready for the big move…

That is right!

WeightsandMeasures has made the move to…


So, if you want to get updates about my posts, make sure you update your reader or bookmark!

Just follow the link to find my new home!

It’s Starting to Feel Like Christmas

18 Sep

While you have been out hunting for honeycrisp apples to hit the shelves of your local market (to win my $5 Starbucks giftcard of course!), I have been hunting for pumpkin.

I did not really need to go to the grocery store this weekend.  I have plenty of food, but there were two things missing that I felt I had to have. We all have staples, and one of my staples is bananas.  I eat one EVERYDAY, usually at breakfast.

We were out of bananas, so I visited my local Target yesterday for just these two items… and floss and toothpaste.  It is always an accomplishment when I get out of Target with only the things that I need.

Of course I put my pumpkin to use as soon as possible, by making pumpkin pancake roll ups.

I referenced 3 recipes before settling.  And, turns out I must have picked the wrong one.  The pancakes themselves were not good.  I tried to make them better by adding a little nut butter and banana, but they were genuinely just ok.

Kind of a disappointment after waiting for pumpkin for so long!

Yesterday I ran 8 miles.

You read that right EIGHT!

I wanted to go farther but my heart rate shot up right at 8, even when I slowed to a jog.  So, I stopped to walk.  I was disappointed because I will have to wait 2 weeks to go farther because I have the Heels and Hills and Him 10k next Sunday. But, after running 8 miles Saturday, I definitely feel ready to run 6.2 miles!

I received two packages in the mail this week that make me feel more ready to continue on my half-marathon training journey.  I’m starting to feel like it’s Christmas around here. But, I am paying for my own gifts, so nevermind.

Thursday night I got this small box and busted it open quickly!

Compressions socks!  I actually put them on right away and wore them until bed.

(You’ll have to forgive the grandma slippers and the cat butt in the background. It was late and I was tired!)

Compression socks are like hugs for your calves!

I plan to wear these any time my legs feel tired and after my long run on Saturdays.

These socks are snug on your calves, compressing inward to increase blood circulation and speeding recovery time. My sister is 6 months pregnant and wears a pair all day at school, since she is on her feet, to avoid ankle and foot swelling.

This very morning I got another package.  Well, it came yesterday, but the mail was checked today.

Finally, I will be running and cycling safer by wearing a RoadID every time I go out, whether alone or with someone.

This little bracelet will give first responders key information about me, like the fact that I have no known allergies, my emergency contact numbers, and that I am an organ donor!

And, for me the mantra “Some can’t.  You can.”  That is only part of my mantra though.  I would have needed another bracelet to write the whole thing.

“Some can’t.  You can.  Some won’t.  You will.  Some don’t.  You do.”  This is what I tell myself when I am ready to quit and it helps me keep going. And going, I keep.

Happy Sunday!  I am off to get ready for church!


Do you have a mantra?  If so, what is it?

Small Change: The Lunchtime Walk

16 Sep

I am a desk worker.  I sit for hours at a time (when I am not perching at my computer).

Though I live and work in the DFW, I actually have ready access to a beautifully wooded area near my office.  I have been biding my time for the perfect moment when I could go for a lunchtime walk. 

The weather yesterday was perfect!

My work environment is very casual, so I can totally get away with wearing tennis shoes into the office.  I took advantage of that and came ready for a jaunt through the wilderness trees.

That is some fancy photo work… yeah, I got lucky.

I spent some time on the beaten path.  Ok, that is a road.

The sky was an incredible blue, and the clouds were little puffs.  I ventured down some lesser used paths as well.  Since I was alone, I did stick to the trails, but have plans to go on adventure soon with a co-worker!

I was a happy girl.  Just me and the woods.

But, soon my walk had to end.  Thirty minutes flew by!  I was just starting to get too warm for my light jacket.  I look forward to doing it again.

Taking a lunchtime walk is just one small change that I can make to keep my metabolism up, my legs loose, and burn a few extra calories!

Being rather busy these days, I tend to have a lot on my mind, which has been interfering with my regular sleeping pattern.  That has caused some excess tiredness.

I pretty much wanted to do anything except run after work, but I knew that I had a full rest day on Friday.  I completely advocate resting if your body genuinely needs it, but I could tell that I had one more solid workout in me before a full day of rest.

It really is the runs that are completed out of sheer will that are the most rewarding!

After running, I rarely want real food.  Usually a smoothie is my first line of defense against post-run tummy grumbles. So a smoothie it was for dinner!

This smoothie was delicious… 1/2 c water, 2/3 c, almond milk. 1/2 banana, 1 c frozen fruit (mango, pineapple, and papaya), 1 scoop Raw Protein, 2 handfuls of spinach, 2 cups of ice. 

I would eat drink this again tomorrow, if I had not finished off all of the spinach and the bananas too.

Quick shower and change of clothes, because I had a friend in town from Ohio.

We met at White Rhino Coffee in Cedar Hill.  (Seriously, you never know which ‘burb I will show up in next. )

White Rhino is a small coffee house that is owned by a local business man.  I am all about going to businesses owned by actual people, versus companies.

I am not all about drive thrus, but White Rhino does have a drive up that you could use if that’s your thing.

I just got the bottomless cup of coffee, which I had to put a bottom on, because they did not have out any decaf.  I had two cups of caffeinated coffee at 8pm, which is why I was able to stay there until 12 and chat with some friends from college that came along.

Late night, but sometimes it is a good thing to just be a normal (occassionally irresponisble) 26 year old.

  •  What small changes have you made to better your health?
  • Do you prefer privately or corporately owned businesses?  What determines where you go (cost, proximity, etc)?

Simpler Times

15 Sep

If you have watched me change my diet and lifestyle as much as I have over the last year, you may wonder if I am happy with my decision all of the time.

  • Do I ever miss the simplicity of being willing to eat anywhere without thought of the ingredients and their effect on my body?
  • Do I ever miss the days when I did not exercise unless I wanted to? (which meant I never exercised)


There are days I miss the effortlessness of picking up Chick-fil-A for a quick meal when in a hurry. I do sometimes miss my mom’s sweet tea on a hot summer day. There are times when I just want to eat what I want to eat without being conscious of the repercussions. There are moments when I feel like the “bad guy” when people want me to choose the restaurant and I know they won’t like what I pick.

But never do I miss being obese. Never do I miss feeling tired all of the time. Never do I miss feeling insecure about my size.

I make a lot of sacrifices to eat well and stay active.

There are things I do not get to do that I do like (watch TV, see movies, read novels, spend hours in the kitchen cooking).

But, we are all sacrificing something.

I sacrifice time and energy to meal plan and exercise. Others may be sacrificing their health and well being, in order to spend their hours doing what they want to do.

In a way, I have merely released what has been accepted as simplicity, which is actually just convenience, and adopted a new form of simplicity.

Eat real food and move a lot.

So, yes, I miss the convenience, but I appreciate deeply the simplicity I have found and the effect it has had on my life.

Let’s be simple together.

What are you sacrificing today?
Are you getting the results that you want?


12 Sep

Alone and helpless, my shoes sat.  Abandoned and unused yoga mat, where no stretching was done. Ignored tennis ball.  A sad sight, indeed. Luckily, my running shoes will be there tomorrow.

I had the bright idea this week to study before school or work, since I am having a hard time studying when I get home in the evening.  I knew I would work out, no matter what time of day. That was a bad idea, and I will fix it tomorrow.

That led to today being weird. Funky. Random.

I tried all day to convince myself that tea was as good as coffee.  Though I drink decaf, it is habit to drink coffee and tea just was not cutting it. I will make some decaf coffee in the morning… tomorrow.

The internet was down pretty much all day, so I was not able to complete the work I set out to do.  Oh well, the files will still be there tomorrow, and the IT guy (who happens to be my bro-in-law)  says the internet should be there too.

There was a swarm of bees in this tree today, and one of them came in my office when someone left the door open.  I do not blame them for leaving the door open… after all, we were having a water heater issue which caused the whole office to smell like eggs. I can’t handle the smell another day.  I am bringing a candle with me to the office tomorrow.

Have I mentioned how amazing my mom is?  In light of the whole water smelling like eggs business, you know it does not taste good.  I am not sure why it stinks so badly, but I am certain that I should not be drinking it.  When I mentioned the stinky water to my mom this weekend, she responded by buying me this 3 gallon jug to take to work.  She is a keeper 🙂  I should really give her a hug tomorrow.

My bad mood funk led to me feeling a bit extra snack all day. Luckily, there were no extra snacks to be found.  I only pack enough food for what I actually need.  The only thing I bring that is in excess is tea bags. I knew that this oatmeal square was in my lunch to eat as a snack before evening class.  I wanted it all day long, but managed to wait until 4 before warming it and enjoying.

Hello huge raisins and pepitas! I put extra cinnamon in this batch and less maple syrup.  Not sweet, but so tasty!  I think I will have another for a snack tomorrow.

Every once in a while I make a meal that evolves from simple to very complex.

It started with the a need of using some green beans, and a desire to use some of the garlic infused olive oil that I purchased as a splurge at Whole Foods on Saturday, when I should have been doing more studying than grocery shopping.

I roasted green beans, some mushrooms, and a potato in the garlic olive oil with a little sea salt.  I topped the roasted veggies with some pizza sauce and rice cheese, and put it back in the oven in a smaller dish for about 5 minutes.

Out came dinner.  Roasted. Garlicky. Tomatoey. Cheesy. Yummy. Sure hope I don’t smell like garlic tomorrow.

Have you been watching for honeycrisp apples?  The countdown is on.  Be on the lookout!  If you are the first one to send me a picture of their display at your store, I will be sending you a $5 Starbucks giftcard.  Check out the rules and more details!

I’ve got to go layout some clothes for running tomorrow!  Who can afford to be in a funk two days in a row?

Today,  I am thankful for tomorrow.






12 Sep

I don’t know about you but I felt like the weekend flew by!

I enjoyed the beautiful weather, a trip to Whole Foods, studying with a friend, and a huge stack of Anatomy and Physiology notecards (riveting stuff).

I spent a lot of time outside, running and cycling.  I actually come and go from my house so often that my mother has begun joking about making me sign a Guest Book.  :/

While I did not post yesterday, there was a lot happening over here at Weights and Measures. I’ve been working on becoming self hosted all weekend long. (by I, I mean I did what I could and then wisely I turned it over into trustworthy hands when it became too technical for me.  Thanks Scott!  You deserve much more than the dinner of Thai food that I paid you with.  Though it was really good Thai food.)

While the site is not completely finished (then again, no blog is ever completely finished), it’s getting there. In the mean time, please check out my giveaway of a $5 Starbucks gift card if you are the first person to tweet me (@danikracht) a picture of the signage for Honeycrisp apples at your local store.

Check the rules out on my previous post.

In the mean time, have an incredible Monday!


(Updated to add… hopefully your office does not smell like rotten eggs due to some weird water heater issue.  Please send vanilla candles, or cinnamon, or better yet coffee.)

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