A blog is born

29 Mar

As with actual childbirth, the birthing of this blog has been a long time coming.  I wavered a bit, nervous about locking myself into the idea.  But, the other day, while having coffee with a friend, I was asked, “So, what do you eat then?” I knew it was time.

Six months ago (October 2010) I began what has been a very rewarding journey.  I read a few books about food that changed my entire life.  (I’d link them her, but I have to honest… I do not know how.  I’ll get to that later.)  At the time I was  “healthy eater”.  Very much a typical American, eating out a lot and eating many processed foods. All the while, enjoying fruits and vegetables as well.  But all of a sudden I had the revelation that God created food for a purpose (as He also created us for a purpose).  His intent was that food would fuel our bodies.  I began to look at what I was eating and realized that it was not what could be considered fuel as much as it would be considered filling or even feeling-inducing.

Now, I was presented with a moment where change could be made.  I had all the motivation and none of the required self-control.  I looked to God, and He made it clear to me that He would be my source of self-control, as it is a fruit of the Spirit.  So, I stopped trying to do it all on my own.

I began this journey weighing 215.  I am only 5’4″, so that 215 was extremely unhealthy and even more uncomfortable.  I wore a 16/18.  I felt self-conscious at all times.  I was very aware every movement of my body.  Honestly, I did not even smile when looking at others, because I avoided eye contact.  I think I hoped that they would not notice me.  I’ll share more later about the reality and feeling of being overweight. I know so many people can relate.

But today… PTL for a but in this story… (and part of the story is that my butt is a lot smaller)… due to changes, BIG changes, I have lost 40 pounds.  I know that I have more to lose and I make healthy choices daily that will result in that happening.

My focus is not weight-loss.  That is not the goal.  My goal is clear.  I want to honor God with all I am and live in a manner that brings Him glory.  For me, that means making choices, healthy choices, daily.  This goes so far beyond food or exercise.  I am confident that weight-loss will happen.

So, a blog is born… I’ll share with you daily what I eat… all I eat.  That is important to me, because I want you to trust that I am not hiding under a staircase nibbling on cookies somewhere.  I am not a Registered Dietician, though I plan to be.  I am also not a Certified Personal Trainer, though I plan to be that as well.  So, this is by no means a “How To”.  This is simply my story… my journey.

THE MEASURES – I’ll show you (I am NOT a photographer.  I do not even own a camera, but will be borrowing one from my sister.) and also tell you what I am eating.  You’ll start noticing some trends (like I eat a banana every day) and probably get bored with me.  I am a creature of habit.  I’ll try to keep things interesting though.  The benefit for me in all this is that I get some accountability.  That’s a good thing.

THE WEIGHTS – Between showing you my awkward sense of photography, I will also share with you what I am doing in the gym.  My choice to get active has been empowering.  My body is stronger than it has ever been.  That is an incredible feeling.

I am going to be real with you about my thoughts and feelings about being overweight, because I AM overweight.  Technically, I was obese, and I may still be by a pound or so. I’ll definitely let you know for sure when I am positive I have shed that label for good, and we can all have banana soft-serve to celebrate. You have no idea how much I am looking forward to that!



2 Responses to “A blog is born”

  1. Christina April 1, 2011 at 1:53 am #

    This made me cry. I pray that you inspire many others the way you inspire me!! I love you!!

  2. Alyssa April 2, 2011 at 10:31 pm #

    Gosh, I am so dang proud of you! Your such an inspiration to many others. I can’t imagine all the hard work you have done through this journey!

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