Uphill Both Ways in the Wind

2 Apr

I knew yesterday was going to be an exhausting day.  When I know ahead of time that I will have a marathon of a day I always prepare mentally the night before.  I had the morning shift at work, a 1.5 mi walk home, lunch, blogging, cleaning, snack, 1.5 mi walk to work, and then another 5 hour shift. So, I made my breakfast the night before.  I wanted something that would keep me full, so I made an oat bake in three muffin tins instead of the usual one mini pie pan, because it was in the dish washer.These were dense and yummy, and have 0 flour in them, so this is an acceptable portion.  Since they are made with mashed banana, I put them in the fridge over night.  It seems to me that baked goods with mashed banana keep better in the fridge.  In the morning I sliced them in half and microwaved them for about 40 seconds.  I am not a fan of slicing anything steamy. Then I slathered on pb and Crofter’s fruit spread.  I used only 1 T of pb between the 3, and even less fruit spread.  I was out of bananas and frankly, it just was not the same. Bananas make everything better.  Though there was mashed banana in the bake to sweeten, I missed the familiar sliced banana in the middle.

I also had a cup of coffee, decaf with a little Silk Hazelnut creamer.  I try to use the creamer rarely, because there are 20, or was it 35, calories per T.  While I do not count all my calories, I try to be very mindful of those sneaky ones in sauces or oils or creamers.

My walk home from work was a warm one, but not hot, so I really did not mind it.  I had on my trusty Timex Ironman watch that I got for Christmas, so I timed myself.  Since, I was counting that as my workout for the day I wanted to make sure I was pushing it.  Well, I pushed… and the wind pushed back.  I was walking directly into the wind, uphill.  In the end, that was kind of a good thing, because I had forgotten to bring anything to restrain my too long hair (I really really need a hair cut), so the wind kindly kept it from my face.

Lunch began with an appetizer of 3 oz. Chobani vanilla yogurt, 1/2 c. grapes cut in half, and two pinches of Nature’s Path Pumpkin Flax Granola. I ate this after I prepared one sweet potato by cutting it into thin strips and tossing with evoo.  I threw it into the oven at 400 degrees.  It took much longer than I expected, but I worked on yesterday’s post and ate that parfait while I waited. I also had a few leftover brussel sprouts from the night before.

To give you some perspective, I used a small plate that you would use for a side salad or dessert.  I try to use small plates as often as possible.  My “full plate” of food is really not a full dinner plate worth of food.  There were a few more sweet tater fries left on the sheet pan.  I ate those after a while too.

I had to be at work at 4:30, and planned to leave the house around 5 till to have time to change my shirt and shoes before work. I had a snack of 1 T pb and an Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortilla (densely yummy) right before I left for work (also missing sliced banana).

On the way, I walked past a grocer and decided to pop in and buy an apple, because I had been wanting one all day. I put it in my backpack for safe keeping, knowing I would be a hungry beast by 9:20 when I got out of work.  I pulled that sucker out before I even walked out the doors and chomped on it all the way home. I also had one dried date while at work because I was dragg-ing and it gave me a little spark of energy.

Want a sneak peek of today’s breakfast? It was so good I honestly felt guilty that I did not share with anyone.  I will give you the details tomorrow.I think I have a head cold… I’m staying in bed chair as much as possible, with peppermint tea in hand.

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