5 Apr

For seven seasons, females nationwide watched Lorelai and Rory Gilmore’s swift banter, coffee addiction enabling, and poor relationship choices play out before our eyes on the popular hour long sitcom, Gilmore Girls.  Even more girls, and women of all ages, continue to watch this extremely successful and entertaining show in syndication.  I can not tell you exactly what it is about the show that makes it so alluring.  Maybe the fact that it is far enough from reality that it entertains our fantasy, but close enough that it is still easy to imagine that it could be true.

Maybe it is that they are blatantly addicted to coffee… even at the beginning of the series when Rory was only 15.

They were always shopping, even when the talked of money problems.

They always got the man in the end.

They were wildly intelligent, but still caught up on pop culture,claimed to have a weekly movie night, and had watched every pertinent movie multiple times.

There was always someone to bail them out (sometimes literally bail them out of jail).


They admitted to being physically lazy and not athletic.

They ate take out and junk food at every meal and claimed to hate all fruits and vegetables.

BUT they were as thin as thin can be (though, as my sister pointed out to me, they never claimed to be healthy people.

I, in no way, am blaming their example for my obesity or the obesity of our culture.  I am, however, going to admit openly that I used to think that the way they lived and ate was a reality for someone out there and I was angry, very angry, that it was not like that for me.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but just because you are thin, does not make you healthy.  Just because you are not super thin or perfectly toned does not mean that you are necessarily unhealthy.  Health is not solely a visually apparent attribute.  Health involves the functioning of organs, quality of blood, clarity of mind, soundness of sleep, among many other things.  Health is not the size you wear or a number on a scale.

So, while the Gilmore Girls may have been thin, the illusion that anyone can be truly healthy, yet, eat all of the junk they want, while avoiding healthy food, and remain as sedentary as possible is a LIE.  Were those two women real people, they would not be what I would consider (or what any blood test would prove to be) healthy.

Yes, there are people who do eat and act accordingly and maintain a slender physique for a time, or maybe even their lifetime, BUT are they internally healthy? What do they feel like?  Do they have energy?

I know that it is not what some people want to hear.  I sure didn’t.  I had to deal with, and continue to deal with, the reality of the body that I have.  I do not personally believe in the concept of a short term weight loss diet.  I believe in healthy eating.  I believe in figuring out what foods will best fuel my body for the activities that I want to partake in.  I believe in making choices daily  hourly every moment of my day to further my goal of living life in a manner that honors God, in a body that honors God.

In the end, it does not matter what someone else can eat and get away with, because I am accountable for my body.  I realize that my quality of life is better when I embrace who I am.  There is no point in me being angry about how unfair it is that someone else can eat a carton of ice cream every day and not gain a pound.  Just because they can does not mean they should. Just because I can’t does not mean that I should be able to either.

Only I choose what I eat.  I choose where I eat and how much I eat.  Therefore, I am responsible for those choices. I do not always make the right ones, but that is ok.  This is a process.  This is a journey.

If we choose to replace one negative food, thought, or habit today with something positive we have made progress.  Progress is something of which we can be proud.

That is not a lie.


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