Good News Bad News

6 Apr

Bad new first…I did not get out of bed until 8:30.

Good news… I had 1/2 c. Cascadia Farms Honey Oats Granola with a few frozen cherries cut in half and half of a sliced banana with 1T coconut and a few chia friends sprinkled on top, immersed in 1/2 c. almond milk.

Bad news… this was a cold breakfast, and it wasn’t until I stepped outside to see if I could take this photo in some natural light that I realized that it was cold outside.  Too late for warm oats.

Good news… there is always tomorrow.

Bad news… I did not go to the gym yesterday morning as planned and had to go after work.  I do not like working out after about 7pm because I get all wound up and have trouble getting to sleep.

Good news… I had a lunch date set with my younger sister, Rebecca, who I affectionately called Turkey Burger for years.  She does not eat meat anymore, so now she is Veggie Burger.  The best part is that we were headed to

First things first, we walked through the produce section and procured a few samples, or appetizers as I like to call them.  I had a strawberry, some sweet yellow pepper, grapefruit section, and two cheese cubes (But I thought you said goodbye to dairy?  I make and break the rules often. )

Bad news… they had some very tempting options.  Which made it hard not to overfill my box.

I think that if we always paid for food by the pound, we would not overeat so often, and I managed to keep my box to reasonable weight.

Good news… it was a beautiful day out, but kind of windy, which kept most of the other people inside. We braved the wind and enjoyed a beautiful spring day… a rarity in Dallas. It was warm enough that I did not need a scarf and cardigan, but I am me, and that is how I roll.

Bad news…the paper on which I detailed my lunch contents blew away, so I had to run after it.  It was also the paper with my coupons and grocery list, so the little jog to recover it was definitely worth it.  I laughed about it.  Veggie Burger did too.

Good news… that box was full of delicious (and I did not even have to cook it).

I had Tofu with Mushrooms (top right), which was my favorite. I was even talking about it on the way home. I also had Cracklin’ Cauliflower (top left).  It was kind of a disappointment.  It looked great, so maybe I expected too much from it. I also had Sesame Noodles, which were served cold and tasted just as expected, and I added some sauteed onions to the top. The tofu you see in the middle is a Thai Curry Tofu, which was spicy.  I liked it, but it was out shined by the mushroom tofu. At the bottom there is a mess of veggies – Pepper and Artichoke salad, Cabbage Slaw, and Broccoli Salad. Lots o’ raw crunchy goodness!

Rebecca reading the love poem... which made no sense to me.

Bad news… We decided to share a small Chocolove XOXO 70% Strong Dark Chocolate bar.  There were a total of 8 squares.  I decided that I would eat 2 after lunch and save the other two for when I had a cup of black coffee.  (Dark chocolate and black coffee are sole mates. As are pb and banana.) BUT, I was taking little nibbles and realized that I was not too impressed.  It was not strongly dark at all.  So, I only ate a corner, before I was interrupted by my jaunt through the parking lot.  Upon return, I wrapped up my 3.8 squares for another time.

Good news… hello self-control breakthrough! A few months ago, I would not have been so keenly aware of the taste of something I was eating.  I would not have had the sense of mind, in my fury to consume, to decide if it was or was not worth eating.  This was a big deal for me!

Bad news… I only stayed full from lunch for about 2 hours so I had a small apple and 1 T of pb.

Good news…I forgot about a cup of tea that I had steeping, and it was cold.  So I poured it over ice… perfect.

Bad news…I only had a couple hours until I was going to work. The Burger took a nap.  I wrote.  Before I knew it, it was time to run off to work.  I hurried to pack my gym bag and get dressed.  I grabbed these a few things before I ran out the door – 2 Energy bites to pop in my mouth during work, 1 Larabar for a pick-me-up pre-workout, and carrots to eat in the car on the way to work.

Good news… I had a pretty good work out, even after standing for 4 hours at work. I ran for 5 minutes, because my legs felt like it  Then I hopped on my dear friend, the elliptical, and sweated for 40 solid minutes, while listening to the lady 2 machines down sing sporadic lines of the music playing in her headphones and reading the captions of the news.  I had a decent but distracted stretch. I felt good and tired, and in need of a shower.

Bad news… upon arriving home around 11pm, I got distracted by my computer.  I ended up chomping on some granola… how much? I couldn’t tell you. I broke a cardinal rule of eating well… know how much you have eaten.  By the time I walked up the stairs to bed, I wished I had just come home and went straight upstairs.

Good news… I forgave myself pretty quickly. It profits me none to tear myself down.

I find it difficult to make wise choices after 10pm in many ways.  Is there a time of day that you feel weakest?

I try to be strategic about where I am and what I am doing during this time.  Do you have any strategies that for you to be successful?

2 Responses to “Good News Bad News”

  1. Christina April 6, 2011 at 11:40 am #

    This blog literally made me laugh aloud. (not LOL, mind you because I find that annoying)

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