These are My Confessions Part 1

7 Apr

1. I am not so good as using a camera. The Veggie Burger sure did teach me the other day to zoom in instead of move the camera closer.   Hence, the blurry pictures. I’ll catch on eventually.


2. I can swim, in the sense that I will not drown, but I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.


3. Since losing weight, my butt bone hurts after sitting a while.  Before, my bum was always too padded for that to happen.


4. I have never played football or a real game of basketball or soccer.


5. Mary Poppins has nothing on my purse.  I like to be prepared.


6. I have been drinking too much coffee lately.


7. I always have multiple badges on multiple apps on my iPhone.  It is a bad habit, but I get to them eventually.


8.  I bought a book about running for women.  I can use any and all knowledge available. And, I am just that kind of girl.


9. I check myself out when I walk past a good mirror.  Ladies, you know what I mean.  There are good mirrors and bad mirrors.  I have high mirror standards.


10. If you eat chia seeds, you have to floss regularly.  Even if you don’t eat chia seeds you should floss regularly.  I am a little obsessed with oral hygiene.


2 Responses to “These are My Confessions Part 1”

  1. Albert April 7, 2011 at 9:33 pm #

    Have you ever eaten Chia seed pudding? It’s so good with cinnamon. look it up an That’s one of my favorite Raw dishes.

  2. Christina April 8, 2011 at 12:56 pm #

    Your butt is much smaller! 😉

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