Kitchen Tools – Misto

11 Apr

I first saw a Misto while waltzing through the home department of Ross.  You just never know what you will find at Ross.  I never go to Ross in a hurry.  You have to have time and you need to be thinking in very general terms.  If you go looking for anything too specific, disappointment is almost a guarantee.

I read the box, and thought it was interesting but did not buy it.  I then read about it on another blog.  I decided if I saw one again, that I would get it.  A couple weeks ago they had a few and I bought one.  I have used it a number of times now, so I feel qualified to tell you what I think about it.

A Misto is a canister that screws open and has an empty cavity which can be filled with liquid.  I use it for olive oil, instead of prepackaged cooking spray. The directions clearly state to only fill it half way (3 oz).  The lid is used as pump to create pressure within the canister, causing the spraying action. You must pump the lid 12-15 times before each spray.

I kind of learned the hard way.  Initially I do not think I put in enough oil, so the pressure would not build up.  Then I think I put in too much because it was kind of oozing out.  I think I have it figured out now though.  It does sometimes seem to dribble a little oil down the side though.

The benefit of a Misto is that I can mist a salad or pan with oil instead of pouring oil.  It saves money (good oil is expensive) and it saves on calories ( 1 T of olive oil contains 120 calories).

So, the next time that you are in Ross or Marshall and see a Misto, I would recommend that you get one.  I think it was only $7.99! It has come in very handy, but I do still need regular cooking spray on occasions when I do not want that olive oil taste.

What is your most used or favorite kitchen tool or gadget?

I probably use my coffee seed/nut grinder most often.  It has really been worth the money!


2 Responses to “Kitchen Tools – Misto”


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