Walking Tall

11 Apr

I felt tall at church on Sunday. It was not because of the 4 inch heels, however.  It was because I was wearing a pencil-like skirt and a white button down shirt with cuffs and some ruffles on the front.  These are clothes I borrowed from  my sister, Michele.  She has generously donated to the “Danielle would be naked without the generosity of others” fund.  It is a worthy cause that benefits countless people on a daily basis.  I’ve tried shopping for clothes but can not mentally get through the fact that the size I am now is just a phase.  I’m merely passing through.  So, I will make do for now.  I’m ok with that… most of the time.

Back to the outfit.  I looked in the mirror and without thinking I tucked the shirt in.  Then I realized what I had just done.  I have spent years avoiding any situation that would require a shirt be tucked in, because who needs to look tubular? There I was, opting to tuck my shirt in because it actually looked better. That my friends is why I was walking a little taller today than I usually do.

I honestly wanted eggs this morning.  Sweet did not sound good, but there were no Danielle-approved eggs in the fridge (I think I may have a local farm-fresh egg lead!).  So, I made a  banana scramble minus the wheat germ and pb.  I put the pb and the other half of the banana on top, where they belong (in my opinion of course, because all is fair in pb and banana).

I also ate part of the apple pictured here.  I left a few pieces for later, which my Dad kindly helped with.  I skipped the coffee and had tea instead, along with a monster cup of water.

I was hungry about 1.5 hours later… lame.  Luckily Strategically, I had some homemade trail mix in my purse, so I munched a bit during Sunday School.  I have no shame in the hunger game.

I thought we would go home for lunch, but we didn’t and I did not take my camera.  So this is the part where you imagine a handful of peanuts, a cup of steamed broccoli, and a baked sweet potato, that is completely naked. (Don’t get embarrassed.  It’s only natural.) We were at a steakhouse, and the options were pretty limited.  I do not mind though.  I did leave a bit hungry, but I figured out a way to fix that when I got home.

Hello Nutella sauce! (1 T of homemade Nutella + a few splashes of soy milk, warmed for 20 seconds) I dipped four strawberries in this business and savored the dessertiness. I definitely ate a half-spoonful of the Nutella straight from the jar as well.  I justified it with the lack of protein in my lunch.

Now how do I justify the 2 decaf iced coffees I sipped on this afternoon? Well, um… I made them at home, so at least I can justify them monetarily.

For supper, I was really only interested in eating a serving of those blue born chips with some salsa.  I had a salad as well, and it was crunchy! I mixed things up a little and used red wine vinegar instead of white balsamic though.  I know, I am a wild child! The base was iceberg, because that was the only lettuce in the fridge. Atop were red onion, raw sunflower seeds, raw pumpkin seeds, chopped walnuts, and a bit of sun-dried tomato. I misted it with olive oil from my Misto.  (I still need to tell you about the Misto, don’t I?)

I am not a huge iceberg fan.  I like its crunch, but it is tasteless and not as versatile as my usual, spinach. So, I made a trip to the grocery store for a couple needs (and some wants too).  I came home and put it all away, and then had the thought that I should share with you what I bought.  So, I took things out of the fridge, off of shelves, and out of cabinets and did a little grocery loot photo shoot. (Don’t you dare question my love for you!)

Organic Spinach

Cole Slaw Mix (aka naked shredded cabbage and carrots. Wow, there should really be a warning at the beginning of this post!)

Silk Pure Almond Original almond milk (I had a $1 off coupon)

2 lbs of carrots

5 bananas

3 lbs of clemen”tinies”

2 mangoes (on sale!)

2 yellow squash

2 zuchinni

I do not intend to eat all of this on my own.  I do live with two other fruit loving adults. I am on my own with the milk though!

Look what I found… pumpkin puree! They had two large cans, so I bought both and will use them wisely.  Who knows when I will find more?

cheap stand in for the peanut butter I would rather buy

2 cans Libby (the best) pure pumpkin

1 can black beans

1 can chickpeas

1 (very costly) bottle of pure vanilla extract

I soak my own dry beans these days, but canned beans are good in a pinch.  These are more to just have on hand.

I got a little frozen vegetable happy.  I like to keep these on hand too.  They are great as a meal base.

1 bag brussel sprouts

1 bag chopped broccoli

1 bag stirfry

1 bag pepper and onion

1 bag chopped spinach

1 bag chopped turnip greens and turnips

My Kroger card saved me ALOT of money on this trip… like $10.  You just never know when it will come in handy.

Anyway, that is kind of what grocery shopping looks like for me.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled program. (I am a cheese.  I am aware.)


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