Getting in Gear

14 Apr

Since I will be lengthening my running distance in the coming weeks I am focusing on setting myself up for success.  That entails getting together the gear that will help me put into action the training plan that Iron-Jesse is putting together for me.

Uncle Sam was kind enough to give me back some of my money, and I allocated (budgeted money releases you from the guilt of spending) a portion for this purpose.  I’ll be honest, it is hard for me to spend money these days.  But, I have choose to trust God.

So, here is my shopping list…

– heart rate monitor

– new shoes (I go through a pair about every 6-7 months)

– new sports bra (for some of us, this is a bigger deal)

– earbuds that won’t fall out

– new music to motivate/entertain

Heart rate monitor

I have been emailing my sister, Christina, back and forth about a heart rate monitor for weeks.  She has a Garmin and really loves the data that she gets from it.  I believe Jesse says that she is addicted to it.

She is letting me borrow her Garmin for the race on Saturday, so I will be able to see how I like it.  I think that I will let it sell itself to me.  If I like it, I will get it. I have been looking at some Polar models online too though.


I have a little wear left in my shoes, but not much.  I am really tough on shoes.  Since I have flat feet, I can not just go to the wall of running shoes and grab a pair like many people do.  However, no one should go to the wall and grab a pair.

I would recommend that everyone who will be walking or running a lot go to a running store and let them help you find the right shoes for you.  They will do a couple “tests” to determine the shoe for you. I did this and it has made ALL the difference for me.  In DFW, I would suggest The Runner, Luke’s Locker, Fort Worth Running Co.  There are others, but these are the ones I have been to or know are good stores.

Since I need “special” shoes, I pay more than I’d like.  Since I do not want my shoes to look like grandma shoes, I pay even more.  (I think we are all allowed a little vanity and I do not want something like ugl(ier) shoes to detour me from running) I usually wear Brooks Ariel, but after 2 pairs of these I think I may give another brand a try.  I will have to go to the store and try some on though to know which feel like a natural extension of my foot.

Sports Bra

Sorry guys (if there are any guys who do read), I’m about to talk bras for a minute. You can skip to the “Music” section.

Wearing a well-fitting and supportive sports bra during exercise is so important.  It will greatly increase your comfort level.

I tried on a few from Moving Comfort yesterday and was impressed.  They did not have my size though, so I will have to take care of that online too (bleck, internet shopping).  I am just not driving back to FW for that.

I know some of you can go to Target and get a bra… I can’t. If you have a larger chest like me, wearing the right bra is really a gift to the entire world. (Can I write that off as charitable giving?)


I mentioned yesterday that I bought Yurbuds. I am really excited about giving these a try.  They boast some mighty things, so I have some expectations going into using them.

As I laid in bed last night I remembered that I meant to double check that they are water proof.  I do not think that the model that I purchased are, so we will see how long the actual headphones last. The buds themselves can be attached to any set of headphones though. So, I can replace them as needed.

Motivating/Entertaining Music

Now here is the part that I need help with. I like music but I am not one who pursues music.  It kind of comes into my life on its own. So, I need some major assistance in the workout playlist area.

I am asking for your help.  Please leave a comment with your favorite workout song, artist, entire playlist… (I do have some high standards about content, though.  A good beat does not justify streaming filth directly into my brain.) Then I will compile a playlist and may even share the completed product.

Please help!

2 Responses to “Getting in Gear”

  1. James April 15, 2011 at 8:45 am #

    One Night in Bangkok by Murray Head. Good speed to work out to, and what other songs are there in the world that glorify the international intrigue of professional chess?


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