Some Things Change, But Not Much

17 Apr

I think that one of the most wonderful aspects of doing a race on a Saturday morning is that when you are done you still have the entire day.  We got home around 10:30.  Christina was on aunt-duty during the race, and I was on aunt-duty after the race.  So, I put Leila down for a nap and did a little relaxing on the couch.

For lunch I had HALF of and Amy’s Cheeseless Pizza.  In this picture you only 1/4th the pizza.  I was crazy hungry, but thought I would eat this portion first.

I also had a salad of spinach, cabbage, red onion, sunflower seeds, unsweetened shredded coconut, red wine vinegar, and a mist of olive oil.  I also had a mango for dessert.

I still felt hungry, and after a while I ate another 1/4th of the pizza.

A couple hours later I had a piece of toast with pb, flax, and unsweetened shredded coconut.  I felt like my hunger was insatiable!

I am quite a homebody these days.  I would rather eat at home than at 98% of restaurants and I am not a big fan of staying out too late. But, my friend Rogelio asked me to come hear his new band Catfish Lincoln and the Northern Rebellion, play at a coffee shop. I convinced the Veggie Burger to go with me.

We started our night with a trip to one of the few restaurants in Dallas that I can walk into and order ANYTHING off the menu.

I have never had anything at Spiral Diner that I did not like!  It is all Vegan, organic and local when possible.
We decided to share dinner, so we could have dessert too.
We substituted tempeh for the tofu and these were a-ma-zing.
We also had a half-order of the black beans.
For dessert we shared the gluten-free chocolate cake.  They use all natural cane sugar, so it “technically” is approved.  But, I’ll be sharing more about that tomorrow.
Then we headed to Deep Ellum for a little music at Mokah, which was part of the Deep Ellum Art Walk.
I went to college with 3 of the guys in this band.  I was really impressed with their music, especially since they are such a new band. Check them out on Facebook.
Although we went out on the tow,n we were still able to be home before 11.  Just like I like it.  As my former boss used to say, “Some things change, but not much.”
And into the fridge went a bowl of overnight oats … boy do I love those.

4 Responses to “Some Things Change, But Not Much”

  1. Christina April 17, 2011 at 6:27 pm #

    I love that picture of you!!


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