18 Apr

At the beginning of the year, many people makes resolutions.  I, being an overachiever a fan of doing things without the crowd, decided to make resolutions in December.

How have I done?  Well, I’ll have to try to find that least and let you know.  (I should resolve to not lose things.)

Of one choice I am certain… I resolved to cut all refined sugar during the year of 2011, except for a few predetermined occasions (my niece’s birthday, my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas).  For the most part, I have kept to that.  I did go a little overboard at Leila’s party and paid for it.  (I felt so sick!)

I have been planning what I will have for my birthday and it keeps changing.  Right now I am thinking whole wheat Nutella (the real stuff) and banana crepes with Bluebell Homemade Vanilla ice cream.  But I know I will probably feel sick again… ugh.

I made this decision because I realized the hold that refined sugar had on me.  If there was dessert, I would have some.  I was not picky.  If it did not taste that good, I finished it anyway.  Moderation really did not work for me.  I am an all or nothing kind of person. I always regretted it too.

I decided that it was just not worth it (the guilt,calories, energy roller coaster, or sluggish feeling.  Sugar is not going anywhere.  It would be around in 2012.  I could not forsee any dessert opportunities in the year that would be unrepeatable.  (I could not have said the same thing in 2010, when I spent 3 weeks traveling eating through Europe. Two words… cappuccino eclair. )

I did not make this decision quickly.  Decisions made in haste are broken in haste.  I contemplated what this really meant and knew I was up to the challenge.

I am only 4 months in, but I can almost guarantee that I will never go back to eating refined sugar on a regular basis.  Naturally sweetened foods suit my taste these days.  Refined sugar still taste good, but I know that there is an option, an alternative that will serve the same purpose.

Initially I was so resolved that I did not even make dessert or sweeter items that required the use of maple syrup, agave, Stevia, or Sucanat. I am on a slippery slope though, since moving back home.  I have been made cookies, scones, sweet bread, added maple syrup… All healthier options, but am I fulfilling my resolution?

I am a really good justifier, always have been.  But, I am done justifying my decisions and today I re-resolve.  This is about more than refined sugar.  It is about giving my taste buds the time to change and grow accustomed to not having sweet food often.

Please do not think that this is always an easy choice.  In no way am I implying that anyone else should do this (but if you do what to challenge yourself for a while, let me know.  I’ll gladly check in with you and keep you accountable). There are days where it is difficult, like when my sister, Michele, has cake leftovers or Christina makes her homemade brownies with chocolate chunks.  Confession: Sometime I talk to the pan of goodies and tell it that I hate it or that it is the devil (immature? maybe).

The reality is that I can not avoid being around sugar.  I will be at weddings, baby showers, and family dinners where there are wonderful dessert choices. But, for 2011, they are not an option.

So, you are now my witness.  Since, I show you everything I eat, you will know if I am keeping this resolution or not.  Will I ever make an exception (read, a bad choice)? Maybe.  I am the most humanlike human that I know.  But, I am going to do my best. That is all that I can ask. And, with the Lord’s help, I know I can do it.


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