Hanging in the Balance

20 Apr

Do you ever have a day where you feel like you are sitting on a balance and you do not know which way the weight will catapult you?

That was my day yesterday.  I am a lover of certainty, and an accepter of reality. Life is uncertain. That used to drive me crazy, work me into a tizzy, and had my head spinning constantly.  But, I have have gotten better at accepting life as it comes.

The Veggie Burger, whose given name is Rebecca, moved back in over the weekend.  Yesterday, I made her what she claimed was her first hot breakfast in remembered times.  (Ok, we like to exaggerate a bit around these parts.) On the menu was Ashley’s Vegan Pumpkin French Toast, because I have bread that needs to be finished and an open can of pumpkin.

This was my plate, which I cut into dainty triangles for easy picking up.  Guess who only used 3/4 T of pb and half a banana… that would be me. The Burger got the whole T and half a banana in hers, with some chopped pecans (I forgot to put nuts in mine).

She said that she felt like she was eating dessert and we both agreed that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  I then gave an oratory about the good things going on in that dessert breakfast… flax = fiber, pumpkin= vitamin A, beta-carotene, banana = potassium, pb = fat, protein, sprouted-grain bread = a bunch of stuff…. you get the idea.  So, put down your box of Fiber One, and try this, because it tastes like magic. Better yet, come over and I will make it for you.  I have more bread to use.

Yesterday morning I moved at the most furious pace my sick body could muster.  I just don’t have my usual amount of energy. But I had determination and a plan and a goal.  My living quarters needed attending, so I did a couple loads of laundry (sheets and clothes) and put away what seemed to be 100 pairs of shoes (really it was more like 10).  There were a few phone calls about the car situation, but I have such wonderful family and my brother-in-law, Ryan, has been dealing with the insurance company for me.  Such a huge blessing!

I wasn’t hungry until after 1, but when I felt hungry I was overwhelmingly so.

I made a salad.  If you don’t like salad, please let me make one for you.  Maybe you have just never had a really good salad with tastes and texture of variance.  I make crazy salads!

When I stuck my fork in this salad, various elements came shooting out.  Apparently they were trying to escape their fate of being eaten by the cookie Veggie Monster.  (Did I just call myself a monster?)

That bowl is full of spinach, cabbage, cilantro (don’t hate), sun-dried tomatoe, mushroom, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and roasted edamame with a drizzle of white balsamic vinegar and a misting of olive oil.

Now, you can see how big that salad really is… geez, maybe I was not the monster after all.  I also had this piece (+an un-pictured piece half this size that was in my mouth pre-photo) of leftover cheese-less pizza.  If you are looking for the protein in this meal, look no farther than the cashews, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and roasted edamame. I eat my nuts and seeds raw, as they are more nutrient dense in that form.

A while later, the Veg Burger, started munching on this Organic Gala…When she could munch no farther, I helped out a little.Maybe I am a monster…

If you follow me on Twitter, and I recommend it (you can find that at the top of the page). You saw that I was waiting for a call of text to determine my evening.  Well, I went in to work, but the manager honored my request put in weeks ago for time off.  So, I got to go to the class I signed up for… weeks ago.

I will have so much information to share with you about this class and what I am learning, including new recipes.  The course is arranged by The Cancer Project and is called Food for Life.  It presents research and recipes about plant-based eating.

What is plant-based eating?  It involves eating food that is derived from plants – fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, etc. It also involves avoiding foods derived from animal products.

Why would anyone want to do that? Well, I will be sharing more about that with you.  I’m not preaching, though I do have a new book to wave around if the moment arises.  I do not want to convert you.  I do not want to convince you.  I do want to share with you what I learn.  That is the point of learning, right?

On that note… the first class was last night.  We were told to come hungry because each night we will be able to sample after the cooking demonstrations.

A seasoned blogger would have remembered to take pictures sooner than 2 hours in, but I consider myself still very new at this stuff and it just did not cross my mind.  The pictures I did take are from my iPhone.

This is our instructor during the cooking demonstration.  That is a bottle of Newman’s Own dressing, but I do not buy dressing.  However, the bean salad in that bowl was wonderful.

This week we sampled…

– Green Goddess Smoothies (their recipe was hardly the best I have seen)

– Hummus Quesadillas (I can improve this recipe)

– Sweet Potato pudding (yes, please!)

– Penne with Kale and Tomates (bland, and needed spices)

– Easy bean salad – (So good!)

Next week, I’ll remember to take photos… like a good little blogger. I am so glad I was able to go to the class.  I am very passionate about food because food fuels our body and I want to fuel my body with the best possible fuel.

Ultimately, my desire is to do the will of the Lord.  Can I say that I am ready and able to do His will if I am sick, tired, or tied down by physical limitations?  The Lord equips us, but part of being willing to do His will involves us positioning ourselves as ready and able.  Don’t be discouraged! He’s not asking us do any of this alone!

Thanks Diane for inviting me to go to the seminar with you and for driving in that crazy Texas rain!


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