Royally Enraptured

30 Apr

It seemed the entire world was enraptured with Royal Wedding Mania today!

Hours and hours of television coverage could be found on dozens of channels.

I DVR’ed the coverage by CBS, and let’s just say that I was less than impressed.  I was actually extremely embarassed at times.

Such as, being able to hear the breathing of the person with the microphone in the Abbey.  Or, Katie Couric saying, “the wedding of Harry and Kate… no actually William and Kate”.  Then their were the comments about the black-sheep uncle in the Middleton family who is covered in tattoos.  Or, the various people being interviewed who did not know to whom Katie was addressing a question.  Then their was the whispering of someone during the ceremony coverage.  It left me feeling like the event was being taken very casually… too casually, considering the number of people watching.

And let me just say, that if I were William, I would not be thrilled with the replaying of Diana and Charles’ wedding, of 30 years ago, that ended in a very unhappy marriage and eventual divorce.

Even still, I was glued to the TV, while eating my monster mug of Chocolate Banana Oats.

And just a fair warning…

This mug means business.

I was so glued to the TV that I actually thought for a moment that I might skip Body Pump.  But that moment passed quickly… and I was on my way to class.

I am still carless, so I only had one option… Fred Flinstone style.

In Texas there is a whole month(ish) time period where the grass on the sides of the roads is not mowed because the wild flowers are in bloom. My route to the gym is not entirely paved, so I have to walk through some grass… grass that is currently very tall.

But, I get to see these little guys along the way.

Many patches of primroses of various shades.

One of my favorites… Indian Paintbrushes.

And my true favorite… the State Flower of Texas… the epitome of  “You Snooze, You lose”… the Bluebonnet.

I recommend that you do not mess with Texas, but you really do not mess with bluebonnets.  It is actually illegal to pick bluebonnets in Texas. (My knowledge of wildflowers is all due to a 3rd grade wildflower project assigned by my 3rd grade teacher, who is now my sister’s mother-in-law, Mrs. Donna Cannon.)

The wildflowers of Texas are, in large part, due to the work of Ladybird Johnson, the wife of former president Lyndon B. Johnson. She led the campaign to have wildflowers planted along the Texas highways, which technically makes them not wildflowers, but they are enjoyable just the same. (How do I know this? A fourth grade living statue presentation of her life. Did you know that that he proposed to her after only one date?)

Just as quickly as these little guys appear, they will disappear. I will miss their bright faces, but will not miss that super tall grass that I have to wade through to get to the gym.

Body Pump was great today!  I like some of the new tracks of 77. I was literally begging for mercy during some of the sets today.  That is a good thing though, because I know I got a really good workout.

I added some weight to my bar and felt every pound of it. By the end of the ab set, I collapsed from my plank position and groaned audibly.  I was not the only one though. I love love love to feel that muscle fatigue!  Thanks Karla for a great workout!

Combine the 3 mi round trip walk + .75 mi on the treadmill + 60 minutes of sweat-tastic pumping of iron, I was a HOT MESS by the time I got home.

After a nice hot shower, I had an apple, which I munched straight to the core.  Something about that crunchy, crunch that I just love.

Then I feasted on this combo… a ramekin of Snobby Joe filling and a monster salad.

Green leaf lettuce with red pepper, cucumber, broccoli, red onion, and tomatoes drizzled with white balsamic vinegar and misted with olive oil.

My lovely friend Ashley invited me to a semi-formal Royal Wedding Tea/Watching Party.

An excuse to dress up? Count me in!

Did you see the incredible hats worn by the attendees of the wedding?  I was swooning over them. I love the ones that stood out. The tall ones.  The broad ones.  The bright ones.

There was Sophie WinklemanZara Phillips… and a few other ladies seen here.

Why don’t we wear hats in America?  Shouldn’t we all band together and do something about this?

The Veggie Burger boldly wore one on Easter Sunday and generously allowed me to borrow it for tonight’s affair.

We were the only two ladies at the party wearing hats… both named Danielle. Funny coincidence!

I will be devoting an entire post to the glorious festivities…

Oh my did we have fun and such good food!

Stay tuned!


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