You’re Invited to a Royal Tea

1 May

When I received the Facebook invite to Ashley’s semi-formal Royal wedding watching party and tea I was ex-ci-ted.

After seeing all the incredible hats at the royal wedding, I knew I too needed to wear a hat!

I chose to wear a black dress and some very wedding-appropriate footwear.

Ashley is a lover of all things British, as she did study in Leicester, England for a semester.

Alyssa, Rachel, and I went early, as we were contributing to the evening’s eats.

It was a perfect opportunity to get a good look and a few photos as well.

Alyssa and I both wore dresses with pockets!  Pockets add such fun to dresses.

Rachel and Alyssa are sisters, and two of my very good friends.

Ashley went all out for the soiree…

Her Royal Doulten with the handpainted periwinkles set of very old china, that dates back to WWII for hot tea with (soy) cream and (raw) sugar.

Picture by Rachel Moss

Iced Peach tea, as well

Picture by Rachel Moss

A beautiful spread of delicious tea-worthy foods

Pirouettes and chocolate-covered strawberries

Homemade raspberry scones

Fruit salad

Oreo truffles (made by Alyssa)

My (not so fancy) contribution of artichoke hummus and Food Should Taste Good multigrain chips

Vegan and traditional cucumber sandwiches

Royal chocolate squares

Prince William’s groom’s chocolate biscuit cake

Photo by Rachel Moss

Also, there were crumpets with (vegan) butter and jam.

So what did I put on my plate?

A little of everything!

I decided that this was event was just as much about the wonderful food as it was about getting dressed up and watching the wedding. So I partook and enjoyed myself!

In addition to the food on this plate, I had another sandwich, a few more chips, a dollup of hummus, more fruit salad, another scone, another choco-strawberry, and one more pirouette.


I managed several cups of tea as well… it was a long wedding after all.

Ashley wisely recorded the BBC coverage, sparing us the informal/embarrassing American coverage.

We watched the arrivals, critiquing hats and dresses all along the way.

Then we watched the ceremony, skipping the lengthy songs.

After the viewing of the ceremony… there was the viewing of the carnage…

And then, the cutting of the cake…

That Prince really knows his desserts!  This was di-vine!

I could have eaten 30 3 pieces, but just had one. The biscuits were such a perfect contrast to rich chocolate.

And then we watched the hour long highlight reel, including the two adorable kisses.

I met some new lovely ladies, such as another Danielle, who also came wearing a hat.

I have known Alyssa and Ashley for almost 19 years!

Ashley (center) threw an incredible party!

It was a wonderful night.

A memorable night.

A night fit for a queen royal wedding.

Thank you Ashley for all of your hard work, preparation, and general knowledge of all things British!


5 Responses to “You’re Invited to a Royal Tea”

  1. Jen May 1, 2011 at 8:25 pm #

    Looks like so much fun 🙂 Wish my friends were into this kinda thing! MMMM….I’d love if your friend would share Prince Williams cake recipe *hint hint* 😀

    • weightsandmeasures May 2, 2011 at 12:51 am #

      It was a wonderful night! I know Ashley will be willing to share the recipe. I will ask her to leave it here in the comments.

  2. Rebecca May 2, 2011 at 10:15 am #

    I would really love another slice of that cake..


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    […] I had a snack of 5 dark chocolate covered cranberries and some unsweetened dried banana slices with pb while the fam watched the Royal Wedding. […]

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