From Pageantry to Poetry, Peanut Butter, Pizza, Popcorn, and Potential

2 May

Monday morning.

Rainy day.

Thunder clouds looming and booming.

Cold inside.

Colder outside.

Power out.

Untimely burnt out lamp.

One cup coffee.

One cup tea.






Wading deep in the presence of a Living God.

Inner soundtrack: “Because He Lives” and “How Great Though Art”.

Outer soudtrack: rain, snoring dog, ticking clock.




Sunday morning is the perfect time for overnight oats, because I seem to always be rushed on Sunday morning.  I can pick out my clothes the night before, shower the night before, and set and alarm and still be rushing out the door with mascara in one hand and overnight oats in the other.

We are in the middle of one of the coldest fronts that I can recall during the month of May in Texas. No one told me though, and I walked out of the house yesterday in a short sleeved shirt without a cardigan in my purse. (Who is this girl who only owns 3 cardigans right now?)

Maybe it’s time to trade up… I do not know that I can consider myself the reigning Cardigan Queen. Salad Queen? Peanut Butter and Banana Baroness?

By the time I went to small groups in the evening, I donned a fleece pullover and full length pants… in May… in Texas… unheard of.

My oats looked a little something like this….

Before bed I put…

1/3 c rolled oats

1/2 c unsweetened chocolate almond milk

1/2 c unsweetened almond milk

1 T chia seeds

1 T ground flax

1/2 sliced banana

1/2 T unsweetened cocoa powdered

1/2 t cinnamon.

…all fancy like, in a Daisy sour cream container. It is the perfect size for overnight oats. Ironic that I do not eat dairy? Maybe a little. I like irony. In the morning I added a T of pb.

God bless the soul that arrives to church early before Growth Groups (Sunday School) to make not only regular, but decaf coffee as well.  (I am starting to wonder how my teeth are not off-colored. My only saving grace is that I usually drink water while drinking coffee, which probably lessens the staining potential.)

These oats held me over quite well.  I did not even bust out my usual mid-church snack. But, I did manage a snack of artichoke hummus and Food Should Taste Good mulitgrain chips while waiting for the arrival of the Krannons.

I get carried away when making salads.  I think every vegetable in the fridge wants to be involved, and I do not want to leave anyone out.  It is a very inclusive institution.

The Burger was eyein’ my salad at lunch, but I do Body Pump, so no one messes with me.

Ok, I do Body Pump, but no one is scared of me at all.

I am always willing to make a twin of whatever I am eating.  If I can make one, I can always make two.  But, she chopped her own veggies.

I love colorful food. Color = nutrients!

This salad was a hearty. It had the remnant of my Chipotle salad as a base, to which I added raw yellow squash, red onion, red pepper, mung bean sprouts, and half a small avocado.

I warmed the other half of the socca pizza from Saturday night.  The Burger had only eaten a small portion. I ended up only eating half of the pictured piece. My salad was so much more enrapturing to me.

I knocked out some major “To Do” list items, like writing a few checks to be mailed and balancing my checkbook.  Then there is that daunting task of a budget.  I started the budget, but have not finished. I know it is not fun to do, but brings such a peace of mind once accomplished and carried out.

I had a snack of 5 dark chocolate covered cranberries and some unsweetened dried banana slices with pb while the fam watched the Royal Wedding.

I am finally all royaled out for a while.  That is until Her Highness (Catherine, not the Queen) is pregnant or Harry manages to settle down.

(Seriously, the dog is snoring like an old man. Which counteracts the rain that has started again and has the potential to lull me into a coma.)

I packed a bag of fruit and selected a package of popcorn from the pantry and headed to the house where Alyssa and I lead small groups for the “young professionals” of our church. (That is code for “out of college, but not married”.) 

I made a simple fruit salad of banana, clemen”tinies”, apple, and grapes. Simple is good.

We popped some corn and enjoyed some fellowship and discussion.

While waiting almost an hour to hear the President’s address, Jeremy (Rachel’s husband) let me shoot his air-soft gun in the backyard.

Shooting, fun. Shooting at people, not so fun. Being shot at by people, no fun at all. I think I will stick to fence posts.

It was already past Body Pump bedtime, so I stayed up late and wrote… eating a portion of granola… while watching Deadliest Catch. It is just not the same with out Sig or Phil. (I cried when Phil died and Jake went into rehab.) 

And now, to live today.

Ideas energize me and I am full of ideas today. Some crazy. None impossible.

(Cup of tea raised in the air…then realizing that the cup is empty, so I go put the kettle on again… and a few minutes later…)

Here’s to a new week.

Full of potential.

Full of opportunity.


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