Whole Lot of Movin’ Going On

2 May

I woke up slugg-ish on Saturday.  I may be 25, but I am not a “stay-out-late” kind of 25. I am more the go-out-early-and-go-home-early kind of 25. So, Friday night’s Royal Tea took its toll.  Couple the late hour with choosing to eat sugar… my body felt kind of yucky.

The deliciousness of the night before left me wanting something less sweet for breakfast. Not savory, but not sweet.

I concluded that I would eat the leftover vegan cucumber sandwiches and fruit salad that I brought home from the party.

I did not even have the energy to take this to the backyard to photo.

I did, however, have the energy to pour a small bowl of Simply O’s with a little unsweetened almond milk.

Saturday was the last of four days of moving for the Krannons (Kracht + Cannon=Krannon), which means, “all hands on deck”. Ryan and Michele are blessed to have some wonderful friends and family that spent their muggy Saturday helping them move.

I made one last trek to northern Eurasia their old house for a day of packing and cleaning.

I am the third of four girls.

Christina, 30, is a teacher extraordinaire, with a master’s in principal leadership and currently working on a second master’s in reading. She also is certified to teach all grades, ESL, and GT.

Michele, 29, has her bachelors in counseling, and is currently a nursing student.  She is also creative than a mug.  She is a naturally gifted baker and cake decorator.

Rebecca,21 22, will be graduating in December of 2011 with her bachelors.  She is very creative as well.  I would say that one of her defining characteristics is her solid work ethic.

I am so blessed to have 3 sisters that I also call friend.  They are each unique, brilliant, and funny.

All that to show you one of Michele’s other talents…

Just a little free-hand painting

along the walls

of the first room Leila ever knew to be her own.

Such a beautiful environment…

lovingly prepared for her by her adoring parents.
Impressive, huh? It hurt us all to watch Leila’s Uncle Brent paint over it.

Most of the day was a bit overcast, with moments of sunshine.  But, the whole day was humid.

I had a banana for a snack, and did not feel hungry for lunch until nearly 2.

When I knew I would be in their neighborhood for the day I was excited to be close to a Chipotle for lunch.

Veggie salad to go with (one serving) Food Should Taste Good multigrain chips, that I brought from home anticipating a salad of yum.

Almost all of the guacamole was stuck to the lid… but that is what chips are for!

I ate all 10 chips, all the guacamole (as guac does not keep well…such a sacrifice), and half of the salad. I stopped when I was no longer hungry.  This salad was yumtastic… stopping was a definite victory of self-control.

I have always been allergic to any and all insect bites.  Growing up in Texas, I dealt with mosquito bites constantly as a child.  Many a summer evening was spent with meat tenderizer paste stuck to an appendage, while I struggled to sit still. I have scars to prove it. No fun!

The mosquitoes seemed to be throwing a beginning of the season party with me as the buffet. No one else got a single bite, but I went home with 10 bites.  So, I left a little early to take some Benedryl at home, where I could safely become woozy.

My mom was on Nan-duty.  So the Bele was at my house.

She and this bunny have been inseparable lately.

Maybe I was not the only one woozy.

I love that her little hip looks like she is dancing in this picture.  Nan put her in a nightgown that she saved that we wore as little girls.

I invited Alyssa over for a little socca crust pizza and a movie… Return to Me. LOVE THIS MOVIE!

I used Ashley’s recipe for herbed socca crust and added pizza sauce, kale, red pepper, yellow squash, red onion and chorizo flavored seitan to my pizza.

I ate this half and saved the other half for the Veggie Burger. (This picture was taken on a full sized dinner plate)

This pizza if filling, but not over-filling like regular pizza tends to be.  It may be because the crust is made with garbanzo flour, which is gluten free.

Dessert was choco-cherry soft serve (1/2 c. frozen cherries. 1/3 c unsweetened chocolate almond milk, and 3/4 T unsweetened cocoa powder).

Alyssa went home early, because she had a 5k in the morning. I went to bed late, because I was working on my Royal Tea Party post.

Did you watch the wedding? I have seen it 3 times now. 

Do you feel like mosquitos flock to you?

Do you want a bite of my pizza? or maybe some Benedryl? or maybe meat tenderizer?


4 Responses to “Whole Lot of Movin’ Going On”

  1. Rebecca May 2, 2011 at 10:17 am #

    I’m afraid I have to make a correction to this post. I am 22. Twenty-TWOOOO 🙂


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