Bring on the Rain

3 May

I love rainy days.

While I am not naturally a chill person, on a rainy day my entire being feels chiiiillll. I feel relaxed. I feel pensive.  Writing is easy.  The world seems calm.

Yesterday’s rain had this effect on me. As the dry earth and fire-ridden areas were refreshed by two days of rain, I was refreshed as well.

But today, the rain is gone, and the sun is out.

But, I have Leila today (she is napping right now).  Plus, I get to go to my Food for Life class tonight.  The makings of a really great day!

At first, I was thinking that yesterday’s meals were kind of unmemorable, but after looking at the photos I changed my mind!

For breakfast, I had a chocolate banana breakfast muffin with peanut butter, Crofter’s Fruit Spread, and half a banana with black coffee.

I have really been struggling with motivation to work out.  It seems like every day I am going through an internal battle, until I finally give in and do what I was supposed to do all along. It is pointless.  As soon as I start I am always glad that I did.  By the time that I finish I feel great!

I started to make lunch when I realized that I really was not that hungry .  I had no excuse … so I put all my lunch fixing in the fridge and went to get dressed.

My workout schedule told me that I was supposed to walk to the gym and do a 30 minute sculpt class… clearly I did not check the forecast before writing down my plan for the week.

But, we have a treadmill at my house.  When I walked slower and weighed more it seemed like the treadmill wasn’t powerful enough.  Hence, I have not been using it at all.  But, I had no other option.

I found When in Rome on the DVR, filled my water bottle, and got to work.

5 minutes – warm-up walking

10 minutes – running

10 minutes – walking with incline 1-10, one minute each

10 minutes – running

10 minutes – walking with incline 1-10, one minute each

10 minutes – walking with incline 10 – 1, one minute each

3 minutes – cool down

Total time: 58 minutes

Total distance: 4.13

Bored yet?

Lunch was much more rewarding after I had worked up a sweat and an appetite!  Even more wonderful, the Burger was home!

Chopped red onion, red pepper, and yellow squash were sauteed.

After a few minutes I added in some chorizo flavored seitan (sorry, I threw the package away before noting the brand). Then I threw in a handful of spinach that I tore into pieces. And, stir, stir, stirred until it was all warmed through.

I smeared three Ezekial Sprouted Grain tortillas with garlic hummus and put the sauteed mix in between, before putting the tortilla in a skillet, preheated on medium heat, to toast it up, quesadilla style.

This made 1 and 1/2 quesadillas, that I cut into 6 pieces and split between the Burger and myself.

I also made a fruit salad of grapes, clemen”tiny”, apple, banana, walnuts, and unsweetened shredded coconut.

I was pleased with the way this meal turned out, but before claiming it as a recipe I think that it could be improved.  It is not even close to the quesadillas I loved from Spiral Diner.

For a pre-work snack I had two mini-Clif bars, instead of one full sized bar.

After work… it all went down hill. I had cut up cucumber, red pepper, and carrots to eat after work. I ate that… and a scoop of Snobby Joe… and about 20 tortilla chips… and two Trail Mix Cookies.

I work through dinner, and can not eat at while at work.  I do not get a break for a snack. By the time I get home I am usually starving.  When I get that hungry I simply can not make the wisest choices. (Obviously!)

Although, I did not eat anything that I would not normally eat, and did not even eat more than I should have eaten.  It was all between the hours of 9:30 and 11.  And I try not to eat that late.

I like to wake up hungry and I definitely did not wake up hungry this morning.  I barely had an appetite AT ALL… which is sad, because breakfast is my favorite meal.

No gym today! Spending time with this little tot instead!

We found some flowers outside in the yard after she took her nap.

It was clearly time for lunch, because she thought the flowers needed some tasting.

She took the news that she could not eat the flower hard.

Really hard…

Then again, rainy sunny days will come… and we have to learn to roll with the munches punches.


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