Circle of Food

4 May

Half way through my Food for Life class tonight I realized that there was something in my purse that should not be there.

It wasn’t  a cat or even a mushy banana.

It was my camera…

That is right. Three hours of cooking demonstrations and food tasting and I did not take a single picture… again.

I did, however, manage to taste almond, soy, coconut, and rice ice cream… even though I walked in a couple minutes late.  As long as I am there in time for the tasting, I would say I made it in time for the most important part.

The almond ice cream was a disappointment.  The coconut was very good.  The rice was my favorite though… so of course it had the most calories. That is always the way it works.

But I am home now and full… of knowledge and a few plant-based recipes that I am very excited about.

The two big winners of the night were, BBQ Sandwiches (using seitan) and Veggie Parmesan (cheeseless, of course).

More important than the food was the knowledge I gained that further supports my decision to eat plant-based. (More explanation to come!)

Like I said yesterday, I woke up today without an appetite, thanks to a little too much late night eating after work yesterday.

A crying shame I tell ya!

After a while I decided that a grapefruit sounded good, light and fresh. I also had 1/3 of an oat bake, which I pulled out of the freezer and frosted with a little pb.

This is when I drank iced coffee with soy creamer and tried to be productive while waiting for Leila to arrive, knowing that once she was here I would be following her around the house.  She is quite the walker these days!

We were supposed to go out for lunch when the Burger arrived home from school, but there was a change of plans.  The tot went down for a nap and I spent a while glued to my computer.

The Burger was hungry… I was not. But, I thought that I would put some sweet potato rounds in the oven, since they would take a while.

I told the Burger I felt uninspired to make lunch. But I managed to pull myself through the momentary slump.

Salad always inspires me.  It is such a blank canvas.

In today’s masterpiece mix was spinach, mung bean sprouts, red onion, carrot, raw sunflower seeds, yellow squash, and cucumber with artichoke hummus and garlic lovers hummus on top with a mist of olive oil.

I also warmed a Gardenburger veggie patty for each of us on a skillet.  I tore mine to pieces and ate it with my salad.

This was a meal of circles, with sweet potato rounds on the side.

Sweet Potato Rounds

Preheat oven to 400

Wash potato skin well.

Slice into 1/3 in. thick rounds.

Mist with olive oil.

Dash with sea salt and pepper.

400 for 20 minutes

Turn over

350 for another 20 min or until done


Enjoy I did… but I was hungry after about an hour and a half, so I had half and apple with pb.

After the tot awoke, Rebecca and I took her with us to Target.

I needed Benedryl cream for the 10 mosquito bites that are yet plaguing me… and the massive ant bite I got on my ankle while taking pictures on the back porch of my lunch. (the things I do for you)

I got Benedryl… and bagel things… and Sunbutter… and Mother’s Day cards for my grandmas.

Before leaving Target, I had already made a sandwich with Sunbutter on a bagel thin… I was hungry again, what can I say?

Maybe today was not the best day of self-control in the nut/seed butter department. I have been stalking eyeing Sunbutter for months. It is made of sunflower seeds, so it is a great alternative for people with peanut butter addictions nut butter sensitivity. It was on sale today, so I finally jumped on board and gave it a try.

Verdict… maybe I like anything with the word butter in the title. Which is ironic, because I do not use butter.

Dinner was comprised of the various samples at the Food for Life class.

Body Pump tomorrow, and I mean it this time! I also plan to run for a while and maybe spend a little time on the elliptical. Ambitious… maybe. Doable… absolutely!

In the mean time, I would recommend that you…

Read this article about 10 Common Treadmill Running Problems.

Make these Trail Mix cookies… or come get one from my freezer (except you Veggie Burger!) Did I mention I ate three of these today? Take a gander at the ingredients… only good things, I promise! They sure taste good enough to be bad though.

Be informed that Wholly Guacamole make 100 calorie packets.

Pray that the two schools involved in my further schooling will start to tell me the same thing… this one is really for the benefit of us all. No one wants to read the blog of a crazy person… or do they?


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