A Sun-filled Day

5 May

Fact: I can not work with music playing the background.

Yesterday was such a lovely day.  It started with the gym. You can read about yesterday’s workout here.

In reality it started with breakfast.

I did not consume an entire jar of Sunbutter, but I thought you may want to see what it looks like since it is a newer and unfamiliar concept.

It is just sunflower seeds ground into spreadable “butter”.  It is a great alternative for people with nut allergies, especially since the jar states that there are no nuts processed at the facility. There are also some “nut-free” schools that do not allow children to bring nuts or nut-butters in lunches. What would childhood have been like without pb&j?

I am blessed that I do not have a nut allergy, but my sister had to stop eating nuts while nursing my niece, who seemed to have a sensitivity.  I have, honestly, been praying that she would grow out of it, because having a nut allergy is a big deal and I love nuts and nut butters.

Sunbutter is on sale at the Target by my house right now! So, I picked some up for a try.  You can get a coupon emailed to you if you fill out a short survey on their website.

I really like it. But, I like raw and unsalted sunflower seeds.  It is not as sweet at peanut butter. But it definitely can lean toward the sweet side with the right pairing, or the savory as well.

After Body Pump, I was hungry… but had impromptu lunch plans with the Veggie Burger. So I had to wait about 2 hours… two long hours.

A carrot, garlic lovers hummus, and a Trail Mix cookie kept me from eating my own arm held me over. This was the last unfrozen cookie. Sad. I am pretty sure I will be unfreezing the rest to take camping this weekend!

Rebecca called me and suggested a new restaurant in Arlington, called Loving Hut, which opened in December 2010. I honestly did not know that there was a vegan restaurant anywhere near where I live. I guess she has superior Googling skills.

I was really excited, and really hungry.  I love Spiral Diner in Dallas, so they have set the bar pretty high.

This is a small restaurant. About 8 tables inside and probably 6 outside, but only 2 were set up outside.  There was a single waiter. We opted for the patio, because it was a beautiful day. Sunny. Breezy. Slightly cool. And, I like to wear my sunglasses, but would never wear them indoors.  Why do people do that?

The menu is a decent size. I love that restaurants have their menus online.  I like to check out the menu before going to a new restaurant. They do warn that due to their small size they may run out of certain dishes or ingredients.  I am ok with that though, because that means they are not keeping excessive food on hand and attempting to preserve its shelf life.

We ordered the Summer Rolls as an appetizer to share.

These were fresh and light. But, the first couple bites I only got lettuce.  Eventually I found the other ingredients, but it left me thinking, “This is a good idea, but I could do it better.”  The hoisin dipping sauce on the other hand… was incredible.  I do not know that I can do that better.

I ordered …

I was not a fan of the cole slaw at all… so I did not eat it.
The sandwich on the other hand was wonderful.  The bread was crisp from being pressed, but I could tell that it had vegan margarine to aid in that process. This was not a low cal meal at all.  The mushrooms were tasty! I thought about only eating half of the bread and all of the contents, but it was honestly good enough that I just went for it.

The Burger ordered…

You could choose your side with both of these meals (potato salad, cole slaw, or sweet corn). The sweet corn was wonderful, but once again, definite vegan margarine.

She really enjoyed this wrap because the seitan was very chicken-like in texture.  Something that she misses. I had a taste and liked it as well.

Out biggest complaint was that the sandwiches were on white bread and the wraps in organic tortillas… where are the whole grains?  I can not tell you the last time I consumed that much white bread.  It tasted good, yes. But, not something I would eat often. So, I will likely not be ordering their sandwiches or wraps with any frequency.

There are other items on their menu that intrigue me though, so I will certainly return.  In the mean time, I will be working on making those Summer rolls.

The Burger had this piece of chocolate cake (and I a bite out of curiosity to compare it to the cake from Spiral).

She decided it was not as good as Spiral and needed more frosting.  I thought it was only ok.  I would not eat it again.

Then we discussed whether or not it is possible to have too much frosting on cake. (What do you think?)

Body Pump left me as a bottomless pit, so I had an apple after a while.

Dinner was on the go, and taken with me to eat while in class at church. The clemen”tinies” were actually eaten on the way, in the car. (I peeled them at a red light.) The salad contained spinach, mung bean sprouts, cucumber, yellow squash, red onion, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and roasted edamame with white balsamic and a mist of olive oil.

Poor friends who had to smell my red onion-y salad!

After church I popped two energy bites, which I happened to find in a baggie in my purse.

It was a late night, as I made my way to my old hood (literally) to visit some friends.  We talked a lot about running and races and I am doing my best to get them signed up sooner than later. (You know you want to Crissy and Brent!)

My sleep schedule is all off and I do not like it!  I will be camping tomorrow night, so I should probably plan on working on it after then.

What will I eat while camping?  I have some ideas.  I like to be prepared, so I will be bringing some options for myself (and enough to share with the curious as well).

Do you like camping?  I do, but I hear it is supposed to be hot this weekend and there is that whole mosquito issue. That is life in Texas though.


3 Responses to “A Sun-filled Day”

  1. Lauri (RedHeadRecipes.com) May 5, 2011 at 6:24 pm #

    I LOVE camping!! Its been a long, long time though 🙂

    • weightsandmeasures May 5, 2011 at 9:54 pm #

      It has been a full year for me, since I went with this same group of people last May. I am pretty excited about it!


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