Do Over

9 May

I need a Mother’s Day do over…

I meant to write my mom a letter, but I didn’t.

Each of my sisters presented my mom with a beautiful and heartfelt card.  I didn’t.

If you know my mom, you love my mom.  Even if you don’t know my mom, you may love her.

She is THE definition of mother.

My parents moved into a new house just about a year ago.  For 12 years we lived in a house that people loved to come to because they felt so at home. “Cozy”, they’d often say. Nothing could compliment my mom more than for people to want to be in her house.

When we moved, we were all a bit nervous that the new (larger) house would not feel as homey. Soon, and very soon we discovered that it did and does more every day. As we make new memories in this house, it has become a very central location for our family.

What makes a house into a home is the family that resides within. My mom has made this house the most comfortable place we can imagine. Not with furniture (or even the temperature, as I am ALWAYS cold), but with the warmth and spirit of her life.

Thoughtfulness exudes from her being.

She’s the kind woman who will encourage the tired mother in the grocery store with a few words.  She will compliment well behaved children in a restaurant, and the parents too, knowing it comes from them.  She bears the burdens of others, taking upon herself their well-being.

My words falter to capture the encompassing love and acceptance I have always felt from my mom.

As a child I struggled greatly with a short attention span, loud ways, impulsive behavior… I can not remember a single time that my mother, out of frustration, made me feel like there was something wrong with me.  Though the rest of the world told me otherwise, she firmly and consistently reminded me that God made me as I am and that He makes good things.

She went to bat for me countless times with teachers, administrators, and even my sisters.  She would remind them that I am not Christina or Michele, and that I can not be expected to be like them.

She accepted me then and accepts me now, as the flawed human that I am.  Her patient acceptance of my faults and failures causes me to want to be a better person. Her belief in me, and the plans of God for me, cause me to believe in myself.

As a child, she could be counted on to come to my side if I woke up sick in the middle of the night.  She would pray with me when I had a bad dream.  Many mothers do such things for a season, but look forward to the days when they can sleep soundly through the night.  Not my mother.  She would answer today if I needed her, even in the middle of the night.

Her presence has always been such a comfort to me. In 1st grade she let me wear her watch to school for weeks, as I missed her so. Eventually that was replaced with an angel pin on my shirt. Last summer, she snuck her “Diane” mug in a box when I moved to Nebraska for 6 months.

For the last 14 months my mom has been playing a new role in life; that of “Nan”.  She is an incredible grandma to Leila. I am so glad that this precious little girl gets to have this amazing woman in her life.


Though other woman add to my life on occasion, anything they have said or done pales in comparison to the influence you have on my life.  I know for certain that I am who I am, because you loved me as I am. Your selfless sacrifice gives me a picture of the manner in which Christ gave all for me.  You unconditional love reminds me of the enduring love of my Heavenly Father.  Your faithfulness and consistency bring comfort and peace, as does my Lord.

How could I ever repay you?  What could I ever do or say to express appreciation?  I can think of nothing that would be good enough.

I love you, Mom. I thank God for you. There is no woman in the world of which I would rather be the daughter.



(Your third born, but never third loved.)

Happy Mother’s Day!

6 Responses to “Do Over”

  1. Christina May 9, 2011 at 4:08 pm #

    Again, made me cry. We are so very blessed.

  2. Jen May 9, 2011 at 7:41 pm #

    So beautiful…you’re right, I could love your mom. Wish I had someone like that in my life as I was growing up. Just a goal of something to strive for to provide that support & love to my future children. I think this post does you justice as a daughter. Show this to your mom…no card could capture the beauty of this post!

    • weightsandmeasures May 9, 2011 at 9:52 pm #

      I pray you have someone in your life now that will love you in such a manner. It is never to late to be loved just as you are!

      She has definitely set a good example for me to live up to when I have kids.

      She did see it while at work, and said she could not answer phones while reading it.

  3. Susan May 9, 2011 at 7:54 pm #

    Aww…thats really nice. Your mom was always one of my fav people growing up.


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