Yurbud Review

11 May

Since I started running I experienced a lot of frustration trying to get earbuds to stay in my ears or to feel comfortable. Eventually, I just gave up and stopped wearing them altogether. So I had been running without music for a couple of months.

Knowing I will be running longer distances in the near and distant future, I wanted to find a solution to this problem. Lord knows I will need some kind of entertainment when my “long” runs start getting longer and longer and longer. (I feel kind of tired just thinking about how long they will eventually get.)

I did a little looking around on the internet and found various earbuds that were recommended for running, but did not really like the price tag.

Then my sister, Christina, sent me a link for Yurbuds, which she first saw at one of Iron-Jesse’s Ironman competitions. The price definitely seemed right, and they made a claim that they would not fall out.

Yurbuds were designed by triathlete, Seth Burgett, while competing in an Ironman competition.

“Yurbuds Earbud Enhancers were created for the human ear by  athletes, audiologists, and engineers to stay in place, avoid pressure  points, and provide a pain-free listening experience.” – Yurbud.com

While picking up my race packet for the Fort Worth Zoo Run I was able to look at them.  I am just not a big internet shopper.  I like to see what I am buying. You can search to find a store near you here.

At Ft. Worth Running Co. they sold the silicone ear cushions for $20 and the ear buds for $10. On Yurbud website, you buy them as a set. (If you already have a set of earbuds, then you can just buy the cushions, which easily fit.)

The silicone ear cushion is custom sized, making it fit ideally for your own ear. You can do this by either going to a store where they sell them and get sized or by uploading a photo of your ear with a quarter for comparison onto their site.  You can also email the photo to them at photos@yurbuds.com for sizing.

I purchased mine in a store, so the saleswoman did the sizing for me.  The sizing is key!

The silicone is not slippery, so it does not move around when placed in the ear canal. I have found that it is much easier to put them in before your ears get sweaty though.  They fit very comfortably.

Also, “Yurbuds  Earbud Enhancers protect headphones from perspiration, even during the  most intense workout sessions. The protective silicone of the earbuds  ensures that rain or extreme humidity will stay out of the headphones.” (Yurbud.com) That is hey for me, as I have already ruined a pair of earbuds with sweat (gross, I know).

They are not noise canceling or sound blocking, but that is a wonderful feature.  When running outside we need to be able to hear what is going on around us for safety. So there is an indention on the inside of the cushion that allows some of the surrounding noise to get to your ear canal.

The first time I wore them was during the Zoo Run (even though you are not supposed to try anything new before a race).  I did not touch them at all once I put them in. After I crossed the finish line, I remember thinking how impressed I was with them.

I have worn them while running and walking many times since, and LOVE them.  They are a super cheap solution to the problem.  If I ever lost or destroyed these in some way I will definitely replace them again.

There is a more costly ($50) version, which comes with 2 different silicone covers, one light and one intense, that are the official Ironman version.

If you run with music I would highly recommend that you get a pair of Yurbuds!

Yurbuds did not compensate me in any way for this review.  I just like their product.  They, in fact, have no idea who I am.

2 Responses to “Yurbud Review”

  1. Jen May 11, 2011 at 4:47 pm #

    Thanks for sharing! I will definitely look into these when I start running 🙂


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    […] picking up my packet the morning of the race. The Ft. Worth Running Company is where I bought my Yurbuds when I picked up my race packet for the Ft. Worth Zoo […]

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