Things Change… Plans Fail

12 May

Well, friends…

Sometimes things change.

It is the reality of life.

I am returning to school on Friday.

In typical Danielle fashion, I will be jumping in with both feet. A 2 week class that is worth 3 credit hours… 4 hours a day… 5 days a week.

I am certain that my life will be looking very different for those 2 weeks.  I will be living and breathing that course.

Then I think I have a couple days before Summer I classes will begin and Chemistry will be my life.

I am officially one of those (older) students that is excited about returning to school. One of the ones that annoyed me during my first time round.

I am pursuing a degree in dietetics, so I am sure that I will have plenty of knowledge to share with you along the way.

However, my returning to school will affect you too.

I have decided that for the time being, I will not be posting ALL that I eat on the blog. I may choose to do so some days, but not every day. You would honestly be surprised to know how much time that it takes to do what I have been doing thus far.

I have also been contemplating the implications of what it means for others to know all I eat.  I am not a professional anything.  I just an eat, cook, and shop. I am learning just like anyone else. So, while I continue thinking about that, I think it is best to just share recipes and occasional meals I make with you.

Furthermore, I know that as my race training continues to escalate, I will be eating somewhat differently than I may have otherwise.

I will continue to share my workout progress with you. But, always remember that I am not an expert in that area either.  I rely on the knowledge of professionals, such as Jesse whose degree in in kinesiology, to develop a plan for me based on my data at the time.

It is my desire to be honest with you about the victories and struggles of my life, including with food and fitness. I hope that I have done that adequately over the last month. In no way do I want what I eat or do to cause anyone to feel pressure to form any kind of unhealthy or excessive behavior.

I just want people to know that there is someone else out there who has been and is where they have been and are.

So things have changed, but may they be for the better.

(One thing that will never change is my excessive use of ellipses.  They are my favorite form of punctuation.)

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