Highlight Reel

13 May

Highlight reel of my week:

These grilled veggies, which I ate on at 4 meals.

Having watermelon in the house all week for snacks.

This mango salsa at Food for Life class.

Making this Falafel Burger with Tahini sauce.

Turning these ingredients into these Carrot Banana Muffins .

(yep, those are Christmas wrappers)

I substituted coconut oil for the canola and I only put in 2 T of maple syrup (versus the 3 T of agave). This recipe made 8 muffins for me. I am really enjoying these muffins with a little SunButter on top for a snack or pre-workout breakfast.

Eating breakfast at Buzzbrews Kitchen after a morning of Body Pump. Good place to eat for meat eaters and vegetarians, but not as east for vegans.

Banana scramble.

This little tot is always a highlight.

Lunch at Dream Cafe with Michele, Ryan, Leila, and the Veggie Burger.

New running shoes!

Did you know that you need to buy your running shoes larger than you would buy regular shoes.  I usually buy a size 8.5-9 in regular shoes, but I wear size 10 when I get running shoes.

I took forever to decide on a pair of shoes.  I actually bought a pair of Asics, got them home, and changed my mind. So, I returned them (I had not worn them.)

The salesman said, “It is not like you will be married to the shoes.”

I however, take 6 months training in the same shoes pretty seriously.  Running shoes are not cheap. So, I did not feel bad about all the time I devoted to trying on and re-trying on the same shoes. I’m the one living with the choice and it is my money!  So I took my time, and I think I made the right choice.

Thank you Michele and Becca for being patient with me as I jogged about in Luke’s Locker.

I have a 3 mile run tomorrow morning and a day of car shopping… Jesus help me.


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