Where You At?

13 May

It was very odd to be away from my computer ALL DAY LONG yesterday.

One Wednesday night I took my computer to the Computer Doctor, well, to a friend who actually knows about computers.  Turns out he was super busy, but made time to work on my computer anyway.  Thank you so much Jeremy! I owe you BIG time!

There was nothing majorly wrong.  It just felt like everything was moving slower and slower.  Seems like everything is back to normal now!

I had serious plans to show you a couple incredible meals and a new restaurant, but I forgot my camera cord at home and I am at my sister’s house.  In just a bit I will be headed out to ANOTHER great restaurant with a couple sisters.

So much to share…

Happy news… new running kicks! (Which I may be exchanging today.  It is a huge decision!)

Sad news… my class that was to start today was canceled because there were not enough students.

I’ll be back soon, but for now I am going to give live a little so I actually have something to tell you about!  Deal?

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