15 May

All of my life I have done the same thing on Sunday mornings.

I have gone to a place where everybody knows me name. 

That is right, the same church for 25 (almost 26 years) for the most part. 

I know I can anticipate seeing friendly faces, greeting me with hugs and hand shakes.
I know I will be challenged.  I know I will be edified. I know I will be encouraged.

I am so blessed to have a church that I love with pastors that I love and respect.

I am also glad that my mom picked these kabobs up at the store.

Too bad, I did not know how to cook them and did not do any research.

They were a little raw and a little charred.

Where do you go to feel at home?  Where do you feel centered?  Where are you reminded of your purpose?

Every Sunday I am reminded of the closeness of God.

He is with me all of the time, but I do not always take the time to be mindful of his presence.

Today, I have the privilege of watching 2 young people graduate with their associates degree.

D’Oshnie and Juan have overcome incredible odds to graduate.

I am so excited to celebrate this accomplishment and milestone in their lives.


3 Responses to “Center”

  1. susan May 15, 2011 at 3:21 pm #

    I just lol’d reading this entry, because itd get kind of serious for a second, then some kabobs….serious…kabobs.


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