Three Word, Three Days

15 May

I think things will be back to normal soon.

Ha… normal?! What is that?

I have  1 picture of food from today.

A plate of rabbit food raw vegetables for dinner, because sometimes I want light and crisp.  I love that raw vegetables take a long time to eat because you have to bite and chew, chew, chew. I also like that they require chopping AND I can eat them with my hands.  (Then I had a square of dark chocolate and a muffin with peanut butter. For explanation, see below.)

Want to know what I ate the last three days?

Three words.

Whatever. I. Wanted.

Not that I ate poorly, but I just ate less structured, less intentional.

There were munches of granola. There were licks of peanut butter/SunButter off of a spoon or finger. Fruit galore. Squares of dark chocolate. Lots of veggies of course. And, some extra carb-age here and there.

I ate out 3 times… I typically eat out MAYBE once a week. I like to eat at home. I like to know what I am eating. I like to control the minor factors that make a huge difference (sodium, oil, etc.)

I even ate dairy TWICE.

And had a few bites of fried food (couple french fries from my sister’s plate and 2 corn bites)

I think that a few of you just let out a sigh of relief.

Want to know what else?… I feel no guilt in a relaxed weekend of eating.

I am a healthy eater.  I make calculated choices consistently.  While I am still working on portion control, I am pretty self-controlled about the kind of foods I eat. Three days will not reverse anything!

Recap of this week’s workouts

Sunday – 4 mi cycling

Monday – Body Pump and 16 minutes on the  elliptical

Tuesday – 3.75 total on treadmill (.25 warm up, .5 x4 @5.5 with .25 recovery between, .5 cool down), abs

Wednesday – 1:05 walking at an incline

Thursday – Body Pump and 12 min elliptical and 10 min stairs, abs

Friday – Off

Saturday – 3 miles running, 10 mi cycling

This morning’s run was beautiful. By that I mean that the weather was beautiful. It was a tough oen for me mentally. It actually started Friday night, when I felt a lot of doubt, not dread, just doubt. I was thinking about the morning so much that I could not fall asleep (lame!).

Thanks to a cold front the weather was beautiful today in Dallas! Spring in Dallas could not be more beautiful than it was today.

Mile split:

1 mile – 10:45

2 mile – 11:59

3 mile – 11:32

I was really happy with the first mile, but that second was really tough. Under 11 minutes is fast for me. While this run was far from  perfect, it is officially in the books.

I felt a little pain in my ankle halfway through mile 2.  We will see what happens with that.  I am hoping that it was just adjusting to new shoes.

My dad and I drove all over the mid-cities looking at cars today.  I really appreciate his help.  He is a great dad like that!

No car was found. I trust that God has a plan, so I am not worked up about it.

I could think of no better way to spend my Saturday evening than riding my bike for fun. It was lovely!

Just me, myself, and I. Until a bug hit my lip, reminding me to close my mouth. I thought it was funny.

So, back to “normal” tomorrow. Photos of food. Planned and purposeful eating.

I love using Sunday as a reset day for my life.

Until then…

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