Stretching with the Cat

19 May

Today was productive!

It all started with a “dough-boy-smoothie” of sorts.

Tuesday night I made overnight oats, and in the morning I threw that in the food processor with frozen banana and PB2.

In a container over night:

1/3 c raw rolled oats

2 T unsweetened shredded coconut

1 T chia seeds

1 c unsweetened almond milk

In the morning I added

1 .5 T PB2

1 frozen banana

I sprinkled on a bit of my homemade Easy Peezy Granola as well for some crunchy crunch.

I had to split it into 2 parts, as I am using my mom’s tiny food chopper. BUT, I received a huge blessing from a friend two weeks ago.

One of my friends handed me some money with one purpose, to buy a food processor. When I thanked her, she told me that she was obeying the Lord.

WOW! What generosity and obedience! I am so amazed that the Lord blessed me in such a practical way!  I can not wait to make smoothies all summer long! (I can not wait to make her a Thank You gift of homemade goodness!)

Since I do not have a car, it has been hard to shop for one. But, I think tomorrow is the day!  I have done research online and know what to look for when shopping. (And, when God provides for one area of need, doesn’t it help us to believe in another?  I know God will steer me toward the right car at the right time.)

I can not wait to show you what I find!

Like I said, productivity was the name of the game today!

After breakfast I cooked a pot of pinto beans (which cook quickly) and a pot of garbanzo beans ( which take a long time).

I soaked 1 cup of each in water over night.  I strained and rinsed them this morning and simmered away.

I also put brown rice in the oven.  What? You do not like waiting for rice to cook?  It takes too much attention? I have an answer for you!

Brown Rice (in the oven)

Preheat oven to 350

Mix 1 c brown rice with 2 c boiling water and a dash of salt in a casserole dish.


Put in the oven for 1 hr.

Remoce from oven and fluff with a fork.


Those pinto beans were used to make Mama Pea’s Tamale Pie.  I did not have any non-dairy cheese, which I am pretty sure would have put this dish over the top.

I did not even take a picture, because my scoopage made a mess on the plate. So, click on that little link up there and take a gander at her tidy plate of food. 🙂

I managed to make a pretty big mess in the kitchen today!

After making that dish, I actually put it in the fridge before cooking it, and went upstairs to run on the treadmill.

I was supposed to run yesterday, but that did not happen, since I felt like my skull had shrunk by 3 sizes and was trying to squish my brain out of my ears which were corked so as not to let anything out.

Why, oh why do I doubt?

I got on the treader and busted out a run that I am proud of, but I also felt like I was busting something inside of me.  I experienced cramping while running, for the first time. I know it will not be the last time either and DEAR HAGATHA that was painful!

Here is the break down:

.5 Warm up

.5 @ 5.5 mph

.25 recovery walk

repeated 4 times

Extra .25 at the end of cool down

This is the same run I did last week, but it was easier this week!  Speed work really helps people!  I am a believer, and it only my second week!

I will admit that I am not as mentally tough as I will need to be to accomplish my half-marathon goal the first week of December. I honestly do not think that I have what it takes to do that. But, I honestly and truly believe that God is not asking me to do anything on my own. If I need help, I think He wants to help.

So I am counting on Him to enable me to go through this process and break down barriers in my life that I alone have set up. I will run that half-marathon. Completing runs like today remind me that I am capable, when I don’t try doing it on my own.

During my stretch after running, Cali (a cat) decided that would be the perfect time for a snuggle.  It was funny because I was laying on the floor on my back and she did the same. Maybe her hip flexors needed stretching too.  Do cats have hips?

Dinner was a mish-mosh of a Clif bar before church with a carrot and some red pepper with hummus. Then after church I had some of the Tamale Pie. I really liked that corn bready crust.

In other news… I leave for Houston on Friday afternoon!!! Iron-Jesse, the Teacher, and I will be volunteering at Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas this weekend!

All three of us have competed in races and want to give back by being a volunteer.  Races CAN NOT happen without volunteers.

Our job will be at a fueling station on the bike route from 10am to 4 pm.  I am really excited to be in that incredible environment and to get out of town for a weekend!

I will leave you with these… ( a little overflow of aunt pride is all)

Leila’s fishy face

She knows how to whistle.

She’s a professional walker these days.

I love to watch her with her mom and dad!

She loves them both so much!


3 Responses to “Stretching with the Cat”

  1. Christina May 19, 2011 at 4:20 pm #

    1. I am SO proud of your workout!! You have already come so far!!

    2. Excited for you to get a car…

    3. Leila makes me tear up when I look at her pics. I love that little one so.

    4. I am not sure how I feel about the moniker “The Teacher”


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