Breathing Through It

25 May

We have had some crazy weather the last two days in North Texas.

It is just MY theory that every region of the U.S. uses the same, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes”.

There are tornadoes in various places around the area, and I praying that everyone is safe and sound when it is all over.

This morning I could not figure out what I wanted for breakfast. I did not want to run… I knew that. Why do I fight it?

I landed on a half recipe of smoothie and a piece of toast.

The smoothie was 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 c frozen cherries, 3/4 T unsweetened cocoa powder, a bit of chocolate protein powder, and 1/2 c unsweetened almond milk. By the time I got around to eating it, it was getting all melty.  Luckily, that does not change the yumtastic flavor… light, fresh.

A slice of Ezekial Sprouted Grain bread, toasted with the thinnest smear of peanut butter, a dab of local raw honey, and half of a banana.  I find it amusing that all of the slices have the same core shape.

Yesterday, when I was running about in the rain, I was determined to buy the book Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst.  I read about half of it today, and I can not wait to share with you some of what I am learning from it. Much of Lysa’s testimony about weight-loss is similar to my own.

I start school soon (again, and for real this time)!  Chemistry I… eek!

Textbooks are so expensive! So, I have been rooting around on the internet for the books I need.

Lunch came and went… half an oven roasted sweet potato and a salad with Avocado Bean Dip on top for dipping with cheezy crackers.

I determined that running was not going to happen before work, but made a plan for after work.

So, I packed a PowerBar (free from Ironman Texas) and my running clothes.

View to the east when I came out of work.

But, when the weather got all shady I decided to run at home.

View to the north

By the time I got on the treadmill, the sky was completely black.

I was supposed to do the same speed work as the last 2 weeks. The best thing about having someone determining my training is that I know that I am capable of what is on the schedule.  Iron-Jesse uses data from my running and that determines what he tells me to do. So, I have no excuses!

*.5 warm up

*.5 @ 5.5

*.25 recovery

(repeat 4 times)

*.5 cool down


It was not easy, but it was easier than last week… and that, my friends, is the point of speed work!

I did get side cramps again, but earlier than the last time.  But, I did some reading about side cramps.  I read that if you are not breathing deep enough, that the shallowness of breath can cause cramps. So, I started to breath deeper, intentionally, and it worked!  The cramps stopped!

I thought about only doing half of it… since my whole family hunkering down. But, I knew my mom would drag me downstairs if it was really bad. Then I thought about stopping after the third bit, but then I thought I might as well finish.

So, I finished it all, but not by myself. I legitimately prayed multiple times for the Lord’s help, and He helped. I was so relieved!

After sweating running my little heart out, I joined my family downstairs to watch the end of Dancing with the Stars. My mom was happy with the winner, I wasn’t.  I laid a towel on the ground, and crunched my heart out, before stretching. I do love stretching.  Running is hard, but stretching isn’t.

Now I am all kinds of sweaty, but I am getting cold and need to take a shower.

Then I am headed to bed… well, I may watch some of About A Boy, too.  Such a good movie, in a weird British way.

Do you like British movies? I have a very love/hate relationship with British films, tv, comedy, etc.

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