Sunday = Family Day

30 May

I am blessed to not only love my family in the love-them-cause-you-have-to-because-blood-is-thicker-than-water way, but in the truly and genuinely like and love these people and choose to be around them way.

The culture of a family most often stems from the parents. My mother and father are two of the most wonderful people you will ever meet. Both, two of the most kind and giving people, who are compassionate and hard-working.  I am so grateful for their love.

The mile long path that my Dad mowed for me with his push mower, so I can continue to walk to work.

Not only do I have 3 incredible sisters, but as we have grown through the years, what was once only a familial bond, has grown into something so much more – the bond of friendship. The difference being, you can not choose your family, but you most certainly can choose your friends. And, I choose these 3 ladies, time and time again, and for whatever reason (fault judgment probably) they continue to choose me.

Before the Turkey Trot 2010

Then there are my two brother-in-laws.  Ryan has been a part of our family since I was only 12 years old, when he began dating my sister.  He was only 14, and she 16.  They dated for 8 years before marrying in 2005. He is the closest thing to a brother that I will ever have.  Jesse was a quick addition to our family, as he and Christina decided to marry in 2009 after being friends for many years.  Two polar opposite love stories… one of a long courtship and the other a long friendship. Yet, two men who love my sisters with abandon. They are both extremely thoughtful men that work hard to provide for their families.

Christina used Jesse as a pillow for 3 weeks as we traveled Europe via train, plane, and bus.

And then there is Leila…

There was something in my heart that was gaping before Leila was born. Loving her has taught me that our hearts have an endless capacity to love.  There is no limit.

We are capable of stretching our love to many more people than we are often willing to include. Leila brought life and light into our already loving family.  I know that with the addition of each niece and nephew into our family, we will experience the same influx of love, energy, and life.

How blessed that we are to be entrusted with such a gift from the Lord. She is healthy and brilliant.  I thank God for that daily.

Today was a day of family…

Lunch with Christina, Jesse, Rebecca, Mom, Dad, and me.

Mom cooked all morning, as Mom loves to do. She made a recipe called Fancy Pants King Ranch Chicken. It had a list of ingredients as long as my arm which makes it a recipe I would never make.  I do not like long lists of ingredients. She also made her family-famous cherry pie.

Since my stomach was still iffy, I had a piece of Ezekiel toast with guacamole, tomato, lettuce, red onion, and a bit of vegan mayo. It was not all I expected it to be.  I used to love eating BLTs and even lettuce and tomato sandwiches.  I am pretty sure that it was missing salt and pepper and that it would have made all of the difference.

I ate a lot of fruit today –  mango, some cherries, a banana, a couple strawberries, some cantaloupe.

And, a lot of carbs – a bagel thin, Ezekiel toast, tortilla chips, granola, and Triscuits.

Not so many vegetables… but, Mama said there’d be days like this.

Ironically, I saw the lowest number on the scale that I have ever seen… since I do not remember weighing myself before college.

I went to Target tonight to look for tops, which I seem to be lacking (other than event t-shirts and plain colored t-shirts).  I also wanted to get a notebook for school on Tuesday.  As I stood there looking at the notebooks, I started thinking, “I wonder what kind of notebooks people use for school these days?”  Then I started getting a little freaked out about returning to school.  It is only one class right now, but I have 3 years of (hard, scientific) work ahead of me.

I also started thinking about meals this week, as I will be in class from 8:30-1:50, with a 20 or 30 minute break between class and lab. So, I will have to take lunch to school with me, or at least a decent snack. So, I bought some hummus, nut butter, Triscuits, and granola.

The granola I bought is Bear Naked Banana Nut granola, which was just asking me to taste it, because I A. love bananas and B. love nuts. It tasted pretty much exactly like banana nut bread, which is a win in my book.

While I was still at Target, my mom called me and told me that they were putting Leila in her pool in the backyard of the Krannon’s house.  They tried to have Leila play in the pool at my parent’s the night before, but she was getting tired and the water was cold, so she was not having it.

I went from Target to their house, where they have these wonderful flags lining their yard in honor of Memorial Day. Isn’t the American flag a beautiful sight.

Lo and behold, the family was together again (-the Burger who was at work and Jesse who was elbow deep in cleaning his bicycles)!

Leila was playing up a storm, but she would only play if her mom was in the water. It is a pretty common sight for there to be more than one person with a camera aimed at Leila at any moment. 

Leila’s parents are smart, so they filled her pool in the morning and let the heat of the day warm it up.  She was all about splish-splashing in the water.  She also mastered removing the water from the pool and onto the grass, one cup at a time.  She managed to get me right in lap with a whole cup.

She would splash her face, make this expression, and then wipe her eyes with her hand before doing it all over again. This little tot knows how to have a good time.

Again, we ate together… two meals in one day where most of our family was in the same place.

While Dax, the cat, watched from his perch, surveying his kingdom.

We have plans to swim tomorrow and I am planning to take my bike out for a ride, as well. I hear it is best to get back on the horse bike as soon as possible.

Can you see the bruise on my palm? Not really. It is pretty painful if I press anything against it.  I could have been hurt much worse though.  I am so grateful that I landed just right.

Do you have plans with your family on Monday?

2 Responses to “Sunday = Family Day”

  1. Lisa May 30, 2011 at 8:08 am #

    Don’t ever take your family life for granted. Most people don’t have such a blessed family life. So, happy for you! 🙂

  2. Christina May 31, 2011 at 9:28 am #

    This blog made me smile all the way through it. We are so blessed…and I am so glad you can see how incredibly Jesse loves me (even though it came as quite a surprise to you guys!). I am a happy girl… =)

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