Subatomic Beat Down

16 Jun

It is amazing what we let go of when we do not have the time to do everything.

I have stated before that I am steadfast in my commitment to a few activities (in order of daily occurrence): sleep, workout, reading the Word, eating, school, and family.

Blogging and cooking are not on that list. Two things I love dearly.  It is hard to walk past my computer and bot have the time to even turn it on to drop in with a post. I miss cooking, but eating has continued.

I pack my lunch every night before school and plan mentally what I will have for breakfast, or make breakfast in the case of overnight oats.

My lunches usually consist of a pb/banana sandwich (my favorite) or a wrap with hummus and veggies.  On the side I always pack sliced veggies and at least one piece of fruit.

So much better than these things have to offer. I am really shocked by the reliance upon of vending machines by my fellow students. Though many are still college aged, I am shocked by their daily snack choices. I see the same people eat from these every day. I even walked close to one today to see if maybe they had a healthy option and there were literally none. I am thinking about talking to someone about it.  I do not even know who to talk to… but I will just have to figure that out.

(stops down off soap box and pushes it out of the way, so as not to trip)

Some things are constant…I go to school with iced coffee in my tumbler, and fill it with water when that is (sadly) gone.

My iced coffee habit is going strong.  I feel 0 guilt about it, as I do brew it at home and put it in the fridge, making each cup a fraction of the cost of buying it at a coffee shop. And, I drink decaf.  I have at least one glass a day… usually two. Always with a pour of non-dairy milk (soy preferably in coffee).

For breakfast, I have been all about smoothies. When I come home from the gym all sweatastic and hungry, cold and filling is what I want. So, I pull out the almond milk, chia seeds, and frozen fruit and spinach, and go to blending town.

I love that I can have a salad’s worth of spinach in a smoothie before 8am. I buy frozen spinach for my smoothies, because I like to use the fresh (more expensive) stuff for salads or wraps. I use my personal smoothie blender ( in the middle)… this guys was only $13.99 at Target and  I really like it alot. I tend to put too little liquid, which makes it work harder than it should, but I am learning.

I am amazed that the weekend is almost here!  My entire week has been spent in class or in the Science Learning Center at school.  Our prof told us about this place from day one, but I figured that the people working there were just tutors who would not be of much help.  I was wrong, and they are like angels sent from heaven to bring Chemistry revelation. The only down side… they are open until 9pm… and I was there until 8:30 one night this week.

I have been studying a lot. Since I plan to use this class toward the pre-reqs I need for the Nutrition program I will be applying for, I am aiming as high as possible. I had a test on Tuesday in lab and Wednesday in lecture… 80 on the test in lab… I really thought I did better.  The lecture test was hard, but I think I did ok. I find out tomorrow what my grade was.

While the week has felt like a beat down by all things subatomic, last weekend was incredible (which is likely the cause of the extra difficult week… some one played ALOT).

Friday AM- Hiking – 2 mi moderate/difficult trail

Friday afternoon – Swimming -learning the basics form Iron-Jess

Friday PM – new Thai restaurant and watched a movie

Saturday AM – 4 mi run

Saturday afternoon – wedding of two friends from church

Saturday PM – study

Sunday early AM – Bike – 1 hour (beautiful weather)

Sunday AM – church

Sunday afternoon – Bro-in-law’s birthday lunch

Sunday PM – study

Monday early AM – Body Pump

I loved every active moment of the weekend!  By the time I returned to school on Monday, I was refreshed and revitalized. Jesus, exercise, family, and friends will do that to ya!

My sister, Michele, is an incredible cake baker and designer.  She made the bride’s cake for the wedding this weekend. I did not taste it, but know how incredible her cakes are, which made not eating any difficult.

Congratulations Sam and Tiffany!

Well, I am going to go back to sleep now, since I have to be awake in a couple hours.  I was just utilizing a bit of time in the middle of the night after being woken up by a very upsetting phone call.

What are your weekend plans?

Mine looks like work, friends, swimming, running, birthday outing for a friends, and Chemistry homework and extra credit… Should be good!



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