Need to Get Away?

22 Jun

Do you ever have a sudden urge to run get away?

I am feeling it in the strongest way right now.

What do you do to “get away”, when you can not go anywhere at all?

Some of my favorites are …

… reading a book.

… window shopping.

… watching a movie by myself.

… sitting in a coffee shop alone.

… journaling.

… walking the aisles of a grocery store with no intention of buying anything, but maybe a snack.

…taking a walk.

I wish I could say that my go to runaway locale was into the arms of God. It should be. I have not taken the time for any of the above lately either. I feel like I am tethered to urgency and it is draining.

This evening I had a friend who encouraged me to indulge in getting away, if only for a night or a day, all by myself. I have to agree that it would likely do me good to feel relaxed, but when the getaway is over pressing needs will be waiting for me.

So I will do what I can do with the time I am given. That is all I can do. That is all I will try to do. 

I’m closing my computer, picking up my Bible, and laying it all down… all of it. And, until I drift off to sleep I’m getting away.

Yes, I’ll be back in the gym in the morning and back to school after that. But, I am betting that even that will not seem the same after extra time with my Father.

And, when I can… I am really getting away.

I have always wanted to go to a B&B. There is one in a town a couple hours away that I have seen a few times… seems like a perfect place to be all alone. Until then, I’ve got my own little haven right here in His arms.


2 Responses to “Need to Get Away?”

  1. Christina June 22, 2011 at 8:07 am #

    You’ve been to a B&B…in Interlaken, Switzerland!! WAY cooler than Texas B&Bs…and Walter is there!! =)

    I agree that time away is important. It increases productivity (as oxymoronish as that sounds). You deserve a break!!

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