Birthday Meals: 1 of 3

25 Jun

On Thursday after school I declared it the official beginning of my birthday weekend.  In other words, I could eat sugar. The Veggie Burger made Oreo truffles for her coworkers about a month go and she kindly froze 3 of them for me.

After 5 hours of Chemistry, I took the bag from the freezer… the bag which I have been eye-balling for a whole month.  I ate one, still frozen. By the way, Oreo truffles freeze well!

I topped that off with a mini Reeses egg, and 3 Reeses’ pieces. Remember that Easter candy that I froze? And… effectively ruined my dinner, in a totally worth it manner.

A couple months ago I visited a restaurant called Buzzbrews Kitchen in Dallas with my friend Scott.  Scott is a fellow plant eater.  I consider him to be my personal expert of all things Dallas.

Poor guy… I literally expect him to know EVERYTHING about Dallas and vegetarianism and being a vegetarian in Dallas. I told Scott that day that we would be returning to that restaurant for my birthday for one reason… Nutella crepes.

After trapsing across Europe for 3 weeks last  summer, I am pretty sure that I ate my weight in Nutella. I have not eaten it in 2011, because the first ingredient is sugar (heartbreaking).  But I knew that it would be involved in my birthday plans.

Buzzbrews Kitchen is open 24 hours and specializes in the buzz-loving crowd, whether caffeine or alcohol.  They have a wonderful menu that is mostly breakfast, but also have some hamburgers and salads.  This is not the ideal restaurant for avoiding all animal products, but is perfect if you are vegetarian.  They offer meatless sausage in many dishes.

I sat down with such expectancy, which may seem a little crazy, but I had waited months for these and I knew that they were going to be 100% worth it… worth the calories… worth the sugar rush… and worth the sugar crash. I am realistic, if nothing else.

I should have written down their actual description, as they do not list it on their online menu.  I went online the night before to double check the menu and got a little freaked out when I did not see them listed. Then I remembered that they were listed on the additional morning menu… and my blood pressure returned to normal.

From what I can remember the description was something like… Two Nutella and banana stuffed crepes with warm cinnamon sugar glaze… yeah, you may have just gotten a sugar rush reading that.

I am going to warn you that you may want to put your cupped hand below your chin before I show you this.

And, here my friends is what they looked like….

Warm Nutella (chocolate hazelnut sauce) with warm bananas… is there anything more ideal for a nut butter/banana lover like me?

On the side… coffee. I started with 1 cup Columbian decaf, then 1 cup caffeinated House Brew, and finally another decaf. I just felt caffeinated coffee was the fair way to go with such an indulgent breakfast.

I ate it slow… savoring each gooey dollup of Nutella and every tasty morsel of banana.

I do NOT want to know the caloric content… I was happily ignorant.  You know how I eat… this was truly the exception to the rule.

I even let Scott try it… what a generous birthday girl.

I was a little unsure of what my body would do with that much sugar.  How hyper would I get?  How hard would I crash?  Would it affect my run on Saturday?

Well, I felt a bit of sugar rush but no real crash.  I had a very small stomach ache in the afternoon and a headache that I took an ibuprofen for in the middle of the night.  I can not say that either of those were caused by the sugar, but maybe.

As for my run this morning…

4.5 miles was the plan and I covered 4.5 +.  I am not sure how much +, but my phone stopped tracking my distance at one point and I am not sure how long I was off the grid. So, I covered a full 4.5 documented miles, because I am thorough like that.

Every Friday, I get a little nervous about the long run scheduled for the following morning. I am learning to manage that nervousness though and turn it into motivation.

Last night I text Jesse (my bro-in-law/running coach/resident family Ironman).  The following is our conversation.

D: I am running tomorrow at 6.

J: Good.  You feel good tonight?

D: Yeah.  If I can do 4, then I can do 4.5.

D: That’s where you say, “Yep. You’ve got this.”

J: Absolutely, that’s why the schedule is built the way it is.  Wouldn’t put you through something I didn’t think you could handle. Matter of fact, if your life depended on it I think you could run 6, but hopefully no one is holding a gun to your head to force that situation.

D: I’ll do out there and do my best.  Luckily, no weapons will be involved.

J: Make sure you relax during the run and try to enjoy it as much as possible.

I can not express how much that conversation helped motivate me.

Running is very physical, but it is definitely a mental sport as well.

This morning, I asked God for help today.  I asked for energy and strength. I reaffirmed that I can not do this without Him. Then I thought about the intervals I have been running.  I thought about the weights I lifted (twice) and the spin class.  I even thought about the rest day I took yesterday. I thought about Jesse’s calculated schedule. I thought about how good last week’s 4 mile run felt.

My mind was ready, and it turns out that my body was too.  I had a great run this morning.  The first 2.5 were mindless and easy and truly enjoyable.

In all I was very encouraged!  Now, here’s hoping I can remember that feeling next Friday night!

Big plans tonight… Indian food and frozen yogurt… yes, please!


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