Birthday Meal 2 of 3

27 Jun

After having an incredible breakfast of Nutella crepes on Friday and a wonderful run on Saturday, my birthday weekend was off to quite the start!

I managed to successfully celebrate my birthday for an entire weekend and only one person gave me lip about it.

Alyssa blessed my socks off and took my to get a pedicure before dinner on Saturday!  The lady was a bit taken back when I insisted that she not scrub my feet too much.  Running causes friction on your feet, which is a nice way of saying that it gives you calluses.  Calluses that I have earned and intend to keep.

Saturday night I went to Cosmic Cafe off Oak Lawn in Dallas. I have been wanting to visit this vegetarian restaurant for quite a while.  It is a very small space, which has stopped me from going in the past because I did not want to wait for a table.

Since we hit traffic on the way ( will we ever learn that I-30 is always backed up on the weekend?) Ashley already had a table by the time that we arrived.

I would describe the atmosphere as funky, ecclectic, and kind of crowded.  But, the food was good and the company was even better.

I took the lead and started our table off with the hummus plate.  I am convinced that you can not go wrong with hummus as an appetizer.

Alyssa, Ashley, Rachel, and I actually all ordered the Buddha’s Delight, which is kind of a sampler… curried baby zucchini and potatoes, dahl, samosa, pappadam, rice, and naan.

The curried vegetables were spicy, but I love spicy.  I thought the baby zucchini were so cute.  The dahl was wonderful on the rice.  The samosa was a bit greasy, but very tasty. I loved the pappadam, so crunchy and flavorful.

I pretty much decided that it was a good thing that I do not live too close to this restaurant, because I would eat there often.

Afterward, I was determined to have frozen yogurt!

We debated which one to go to, but I voted for Yogurtland and won… I mean, it was my birthday.

Yogurtland was insanely busy!  I tasted a few flavors before landing on red velvet cake batter, peanut butter (duh), and dark chocolate.

For toppings I added brownie pieces, peanut butter cup pieces, vanilla wafers, a banana chunk, choco chips, and choco covered sunflower seeds.

It was everything I hoped for and better than I remembered!

Such a wonderful night!

I made it into bed around 11, like any respectable old lady 25 year old.

A very good end to a very good year…


5 Responses to “Birthday Meal 2 of 3”

  1. Rachel June 27, 2011 at 10:54 pm #

    Where was that cat? I totally missed that.

  2. Alyssa June 28, 2011 at 11:02 pm #

    I want these pics from you!! They are good. Glad we could celebrate with you! It was so fun!


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