Birthday Meal 3 of 3

28 Jun


A breakfast of Nutella Crepes at Buzzbrews Kitchen

Dinner at Cosmic Cafe

and Lunch with the family?

Really?  Is it possible that I got to have 3 special birthday meals (4 really)?

Yeah, it is…

On Sunday, I planned to wake up early and ride my bike.  I woke up a but later than intended and decided to just sleep in.  I was pretty irritated with myself later about his decision.  I wanted to start my birthday off “right”, but then I thought about it, and maybe going to church was more a more appropriate start, even though I was going to be at church either way.

I was happy to start my morning with a smoothie, knowing lunch would be veggie-ful. I am having such a summer fling with smoothies.  I am seriously contemplating how to get away with replacing more than one meal a day with them.  I think I can justify it with the digestive benefits.  Surely it is easier to digest emulsified food?

In my family, the birthday person gets to dictate lunch on a Sunday nearest their birthday.  I honestly would have eaten at home, but since I eat a bit “different” I tend to cook all my own meals at home and really did not want to cook my own birthday lunch.

So, for lunch on Sunday, my family went to Sweet Tomatoes.  Yes, I was there only a week ago.  I really enjoy their salad bar… and their bread! Fresh REAL food! AND, I tried raw red beets again, for the 10th time probably and actually liked them.   It is a birthday miracle!

I did enjoy another of their June only cherry nut muffins, but made sure to save room for cake!

My sister Michele is an incredible cake decorator and an even more talented baker.  I have been to weddings and even at her house when cake has been around and have not eaten any since March! Her cake seriously tests my self control! Any other cake is easily dismissed as not worth it, but Michele’s cake is just that good.

I asked for a yellow sour cream cake with chocolate fudge icing.  From my mom I requested Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream.

This cake was gone in one day, between friends and familiy!  AMEN! I did not want any remnant to be around… that is what I would call torture.

I had a piece with ice cream in the afternoon and another when I got home from a meeting at church (much too late for cake eating).  Did I need 2 pieces of cake in one day? No. Did I have 2 pieces? Yes. Birthdays are not so much about needs.

Incredible… that is what it was.  Totally worth the wait! I know how to pick desserts… just stick with me. You want dessert suggestions?  I am your girl.

After my meeting at church some friends took me to dinner to Chuy’s where I had Veggie Enchiladas.  I forgot that they had cheese in them.  Chuy’s is NOT the place to go for a plant eater like me.  They were still delicious, dairy and all.  Sometimes I do miss cheese.

So, my birthday is over. Sugar was consumed. No coma was induced.  BUT I feel a bit blecky.  I did not have a lot of energy Monday and felt a bit sick to my stomach at times.  I was excited to eat meals at home and did not mind not eating sugar.  In fact, I love that it is off the table again.  That is until FAIR DAY (only 94 days) …AKA my own personal Christmas!

The thing is that we can change what our body craves.  Some things from my former way of eating sound good on occasion, but only if I see them or hear something mentioned.  I do not find myself sitting in class and have a desire to eat cake. I do however want a piece of fruit or a smoothie, granola and yogurt, apple and peanut butter, a roasted sweet potato.

I know that not everyone LOVES fruit and vegetables like me.  I always have. But, there are plenty of things that I no long desire that I did once.  My habits changed and consequently my desires changed.

Thank you to so many of you that made this such an incredible weekend!  I am ready to take 26 on with a fierceness.


4 Responses to “Birthday Meal 3 of 3”

  1. Susan June 28, 2011 at 5:59 pm #

    LOL!!! The State Fair is a big deal for me too. My niece and I always vow to eat really REALLY well for the weeks leading up to opening day, so we can splurge. This year, my husband will be working at the fair, so I will be there for FREE a LOT!!! Lord help me. 😉

    • weightsandmeasures June 28, 2011 at 10:14 pm #

      I make sure to eat something fried on occasion so I will not get sick. It is the beginning of the “holiday season” for us.


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