No Complaining

4 Jul

My family was on too of things this year, so we actually celebrated the 4th on the 3rd.  Not sure why, but we did.  There were no complaints from the peanut gallery me.

After a morning of church my family celebrated our freedom with a cook out/in.  By that I mean, we picked up some take out barbeque and my mom made all the sides and some additional mains.

I did not have anything special.  My intention was to put barbeque sauce on tofu before baking it… but the first ingredient in the sauce was “high fructose corn syrup”, so that plan was nixed. Instead i just marinated it in some hoisin sauce and ate it cold.  No complaints here.  I was jonesin’ for some tofu.  Really, who does that?  I rounded out my plate with some bakes squash with paprika, salad, and corn-on-the-cob with Lawry’s seasoning salt and nutritional yeast (do this).

Jesse showed me how to set up my bike trainer, which my family got me for my birthday.  They got me a really nice one.  It was pretty much the only thing I asked for, so they all pitched in! The only problem with setting up the trainer was that my bike was a few miles away… at my sister’s house. So he told me in theory and I tried my best to remember what he said, knowing I likely would not.

Around 6:30 my family packed up to go to Southlake Town Square for fireworks.  We stopped along the way to visit my sister at work, since she could not be with us.

It was quite a chore finding a parking spot, but it was totally worth the work when we found out that the police gave many people tickets for parking on the grass.  Our car was about 1/3 a mile away, but you won’t hear any complaints from me since I did not get to ride my bike as planned that afternoon.  I kind of let all the air out of my back tire while trying to put air in and then did not have the right pump to air it back up.  So, my legs needed a little loosening.

The fireworks actually started a couple minutes early.  This was Leila’s second July 4th, but she was only 4 months old last year. We weren’t sure how she would react.  I am not sure she knew how to react.

After a lot of oooing and ahhhing by us, she seemed to come around.  She never cried.  She just stared.

The fireworks were right above us so they were really loud, but you won’t hear any complaints from me because they were so close I felt like I could reach out and touch them.

After the fireworks we walked into the square to see the cover band that was playing.  I am pretty sure that this was the gig of a lifetime for these guys. 

I crawled in bed around 11, but you won’t hear any complaints from me because I was so tired that I could not even muster the energy to be nervous about my race the next day.

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