Firecracker 5000 Race Recap

7 Jul

Want to rewind time and visit Monday with me?

On Monday I ran the Firecracker 5000 in Ft. Worth.  I am glad I live in a place where I can find a race pretty much any weekend.  I signed up for this race with my oldest sister Christina, who is pregnant, and my Dad.  This was Dad’s first race!

On Sunday we went to the Ft. Worth Running Company to register and pick up our packets.  It was a lengthy drive, but I do not like picking up my packet the morning of the race. The Ft. Worth Running Company is where I bought my Yurbuds when I picked up my race packet for the Ft. Worth Zoo Run.

My plan was to beat my time from the Zoo Run, as that was back in April.  I knew that I was a better runner now that then.

On the morning of the race I woke up and ate a piece of toast with banana and peanut butter.  I normally just eat a couple small dates before I run, but I had a bout 2 hours before the race, so I ate something more substantial. I had a little iced coffee and water, too.

I really was not nervous as we drove to Ft. Worth.  We were making great time.  I felt good.  But, boy was that sun bright!

The race did not start until 8:30, which I consider to be the time when all running should cease outside in Texas in July.

This was a very small race, in it’s second year I believe.  But, there was a great atmosphere.  Being a holiday, there were a lot of families and couples there together.  There was a good mix of elite runners, seasoned runners, serious runners, runners in the making, joggers, jog/walkers, and walkers.

I noticed before the race that I felt thirsty but the race was about to begin and I did not want to go to the effort of getting water and finding a place to get rid of it. That was a bad choice.

I made sure to line up much closer to the front this time, but still a ways back. I was totally ready, Yurbuds in, as we sang the National Anthem and we were off!

The first mile was completely shaded, which was great.  My legs felt strong!  It was not hard work.  I was enjoying myself!

The first mile went by quickly, and then we turned around and headed back the way we came.  The second mile was almost entirely in the blazing sun!  At one point I actually stopped sweating… pretty sure I was just out of sweat. The third mile was in the shade again and included a hill, which was the only part that I walked.  I knew that we were almost there and I wanted to have some energy left to push on the last .10.

So, did I beat my time, YES!  Did I beat it by as much as I wanted, NO!

Ft Worth Zoo Run: 35:05

Firecracker 5000 : 34:32

I finished :33 faster.  The conditions were completely different and that does have to be taken into account.

This was a good training run though because I felt more comfortable running that I ever have.  It felt more natural, less forced.  I felt more confident.

I was so proud of my Dad as he crossed the finish line, in good spirits and ready to sign up for another race! I love that Christina’s baby has already crossed the finish line of 2 5ks!

And, as we drove away, we got to bask in the success of our morning all before 10am… just the way I like it!


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