Change is the Name of the Game

10 Jul


One thing has definitely not changed,  I have been eating a lot of vegetables.  Some raw, some cooked.  As many colors as I can find!

Smoothies, stir fry, sandwiches, for dipping, roasted and raw…

I have noticed over the last few weeks how much my skin has changed (especially my face) since I have changed the way that I eat.  I used to have a couple break outs a month.  I usually had at least one blemish on my face at all times.

These days the blemishes are rare.  When I ate sugar, the weekend of my birthday, my face went ca-ra-zy!

I am using much less concealer these days!  My face feels soft and smooth and even glows a little.

And that is only ONE of the benefits of healthier eating!

I saw a girl from HS this week.  She told me that I looked like I have lost a 100 lbs. I was not offended at all!  I have lost 50, and I think what she really meant was that I’ve change a lot. And, that is a compliment I will gladly accept!

While shopping with my sister today I got a literal armful of clothes to try on, assuming that the sizes I chose would be snug.

Umm, no. I had to go back and get smaller sizes for most of them, some of them twice.  I couldn’t believe it!  I am not sure when I will get used to how much the size of my body has changed.

Last week was weird.  I just could not get in the workout groove after the Firecracker 5000 last Monday. A bike workout one day and two runs was all I was able to muster out of myself.  I am legitimately looking forward to getting back on a schedule this week.

Speaking of schedules…

When your running coach texts you and says, “I sent you an email.  Don’t be scared.  It is based on what you are capable of doing.”

Welp, I wasn’t scared to read it until he said not to be scared.  He warned me that this week would be very different than anything I had done before.  The change is intended to get my body more used to a higher volume of training.

It may seem odd, but I have been wanting more volume in my training.  I did not feel like I was doing enough.

Thank the Lord…. my transportation status changed.  I purchased a car!

I start a new class tomorrow and a new job… talk about change.

Check back tomorrow for a new recipe and menu from a dinner my friend and I cooked up this weekend!



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