From the Fridge

12 Jul

Most of my meal ideas start long before it is even time to eat.

I may be in the shower, on the treadmill, riding my bike, driving in my car, or laying in bed trying to go to sleep when an idea will strike.

This lunch salad was half inspired/half out of necessity.

I knew I had a portabella mushroom and bunch of kale that were asking to be eaten. I am loving massaged kale salads right now, so I knew that would be the base.

So, while I whipped up lunch for my dad with one hand, I whipped my own with the other.  Ok… that did not really happen.

I made his first, while my mushroom was in the oven.

I wiped it with a wet paper towel to remove any excess dirt, Misted it with olive oil, and dashed it with salt and pepper (on the gilly side). I put it in the backyard to cook on the blazing hot pavement placed it on a cookie sheet and in the oven for about 8 minutes at 350.

In the mean time I cleaned half of a bunch of kale, dried it, removed the leaves from there stems and tore it into small pieces.  Then I Misted it with a little oil, salted it (I am talking a little oil and salt here people!, and started massaging it.  The leaves will begin to tenderize and the color will darken.  This will make the kale softer and less bitter.

I then cut the corn off one cob (boy was it hard not to eat the whole stinking cob of corn before it even made it to my salad bowl).

I chopped some yellow pepper and red onion and added the corn, pepper, and onion to the kale.

When the mushroom was done I let it cook a minute or so, and then cut it into cubes.

I spritzed the whole salad about 4 times with Braggs Aminos and dashed on a spoonful of Nutritional Yeast.

Umm, yes… summer food comes straight from the fridge.


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