State of the Week Address

14 Jul

Sometimes I feel like I transition to a new norm more than anyone else that I know.

As I have started a second job and second class this week, I am once again finding what normal life will be life for me.

Another “new” thing has been a volume week of running.  While I normally run on Wednesday and Saturday, this week I am scheduled to run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for a total of 17 miles.  I have NEVER run 17 miles in one week.

As I look forward to running the White Rock Half Marathon on December 4th, I know that my mileage will continue increase. Kinda scary, but not really.

Training for a race is different than exercising for fitness.  There are days where I am required to do something but I am not allowed to push myself while doing it.  Yesterday was one of those days and I must admit that it was hard to be on an elliptical for 45 minutes and NOT try kill it. I had to keep in my the goal… this was an act of recovery.

With the increased running this week, I have noticed that I am more tired at night than usual.  I usually CHOOSE to go to bed around 10, but do not feel like I have to or I am going to fall over.  This week my body has pretty much stopped at 10.  I know I need the increased sleep time because as we sleep our bodies repair themselves.

Also, it has been really difficult NOT to lift weights at all.  Jesse told me specifically that I was not to lift any weights.  And, I trust the guy enough to follow his directions.  I miss the burn of Body Pump.  I do not miss the extra hunger though.

Something else I miss this week has been smoothies.  Can you believe that I have not had ANY?  I am out of frozen fruit and spinach and that is a huge problem that will be remedied soon.  They have been my fuel through this crazy Texas heat and my cold reward at the end of a long run.

We had a crazy week in our house because out air conditioner stopped working on Monday night.  I was too tired after working (both jobs) and running 3 miles to care about being warm, so I slept through the heat.  But, after our house sat in the 100+ temperatures on Tuesday, we all had to grab our belongings and flee like the children of Israel out of Egypt. My wonderful sisters took us and the pets into their homes. It is so good to have family close!

This week has been a bit rowdy!

When life is crazy, I want 4 things to remain the most constant:

1. Time with God

2. Time sleeping

3. TIme working out

4. Time eating healthy, REAL food

Cutting corners in any of these areas means that I am cutting something I consider to be a top priority.  I know who I am without Jesus, but you sure don’t want to.  I know what I feel like, think like, and eat like when I am lacking sleep and it is just not worth it.  I know that my entire day is off when I do not work out. I know how “convenient” food makes my body feel and I do not like it.

I look back to my life only a year ago and all 4 of these things were not as important to me then as they are today.

Don’t get me wrong… my family is more important to me than working out or food or even sleeping.  But, my entire family would agree that I am more enjoyable to be around when I invest into those areas.

The key for me is to do those things when inconvenient… like at 5 in the morning… when other things do not try to get in the way.  And, I guarantee that something will always try to get in the way.

I had every intention of taking some photos of my meals today, but didn’t because the camera and food were never in the same room and I was a hungry girl.

Until then…

What are your 4 things that are top priorities?



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