Running Toward the Moon

17 Jul

Yesterday was a funtastic day, which started early and ended late.

On Saturday I start running at 6, because the heat in Texas is unbearable during the summer.  In order to be safe (and not sorry) you have to get up and out of bed before the sun.

I had some caffeinated coffee at a friend’s house on Friday night, which kept my mind awake until about 11:30 on Friday.  That is WAY too late if you plan of getting up at 5:30 to run 5 miles.

The funny thing is that 5 miles did not sound quite so intimidating after running 3 miles three times already this week.

I actually woke up early, ate 3 dates with pb inside and filled my bottle of coconut water/water with ice. When i walked outside, I literally said “Hello Moon” because it was right there glaring from above.  When running is concerned, the presence of the moon is generally a bad thing, but I was so glad to see it… and so little of the sunlight.

I was supposed to run 5 miles… but after about 34 minutes I check the distance on my phone and it told me 0.00 miles.  Oops.

My strategy was to assume 12 minute miles and go a bit farther than I thought I should actually go.  There was no way that I was getting home and finding out that I had only run 4.8 miles!

Mile 1 felt amazing.

Mile 2 felt good.

Mile 3 felt long.

Mile 4 was a feat of determination.

Mile 5 was smooth sailing.

Mile 6 felt just fine…

Yep, 6 miles.

I laughed.  I smiled.  I stretched…

Shower, breakfast, house hunting.

And then there was my very first trip to the Dallas Farmer’s Market.

I have lived my entire life (except 1 year and 6 months) in Dallas and I had never been to the market.

So, I enrolled my personal Dallas tour guide to take me.

OH MY PRODUCE!  I was in heaven. I could have spent 3 hours there.

I am told that this is the only place that anyone should ever buy tomatoes.

I got some peaches and scallop squash there too.

Luckily I was out of bread, because I got this loaf of fresh bread too.

I managed to eat a piece of bread and a peach before I even got back home.

But, what to do with scallop squash?


I remembered a meal that I had a Dream Cafe of squash stuffed with rice, nuts, and raisins.

I was out of raisins and did not want to cook any rice, so I subbed dried berry blend and apricots and bulgur.

Baked Scallop Squash with Bulgar, Dried Fruit, and Nuts

4 scallop squash, washed and sliced in half with seeds removed

1 c cooked bulgar

1/4 package of tempeh, grated finely

2 T pecans, chopped

2 T dried apricots chopped

2 T dried berries or raisins

1 T lemon juice

1 T balsamic vinegar

1. Mist squash with olive oil and s&p; Bake at 350 until tender

2. Mix all other ingredients in a bowl.

3. Add stuffing into the squash’s empty middle and put back in oven for 5 minutes

4. EAT!

This was good… I ate 3 little halves and was very pleased with how it turned out!  I would highly recommend mixing in a soft cheese like bleu or gorganzola (if you do that dairy thing).

Coffee plans with Ashley…

Dinner plans with Megan and Donna…

It was a busy day that ended at Sprout’s where I intended to get yogurt and peanut butter.  I managed to forget the pb and buy many other things instead. Oops.



One Response to “Running Toward the Moon”

  1. Christina July 18, 2011 at 11:00 am #

    So very proud of you…you have come so far!!

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