Will Run for Road Trips

24 Jul

Friday Night – all about resting and preparing and hydratingReady for Saturday’s long run (see my new Garmin on the left)

4:45 am wake up call…I don’t play.

Pre-run fuel (water, Lundberg rice cake, 3 dates with pb)

What 5:05am looks like… ready to run 6 miles…

Post run meal (1 frozen banana, 1 c almond milk, 1 T chia seeds, and 1 serving protein powder)

Now what on God’s green earth would cause me to run that early in the morning? A daylong roadtrip through small town TX!

Creative labeling at the Good Will in Cleburne

A stop for fried pies in Glenrose. When food is part of the experience I make exceptions.

Hey that’s not peach?! That’s apple!

Samples at a dairy farm in Dublin at Venldhuizen Cheese.

A pb and strawberry jelly sammer  on sweet wheat sourdough for lunch with a sip of Dublin Dr. Pepper.

Trying to drink a soda while on the tour (my first since the day after Thanksgiving.)  I only finished a third.

Thirsty anyone?

What makes the “good stuff” so good.  Real cane sugar. (To me it was insanely sweet!)

While those are the highlights, there was so much fun had on this road trip.  We stopped at antique stores, junk shops, and flea markets along the way.  It was so interesting to watch my friend, who is in vintage sales, go into a store of “junk” and come out with something that will be treasure to someone else, and make a nifty profit.

We also visited Stephenville and Mineral Wells along the way. Who knew that there was a converted chicken house that was a flea market… called The Chicken House.

By the time I got home I was tired, dusty, and hungry… but it was such a fun day full of surprises (since I was just along for the ride of someone else’s “work” trip.

Was it worth waking up so early to be ready by 8 for the road trip…yes, I would do it again!

Have you been any of these places?  What small towns in Texas do I need to visit?



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