A Weekend in Lubbock Part 1

1 Aug

What an incredible weekend!

On Thursday, Alyssa and I headed out of Dallas and toward West Texas.  If you have not traveled Texas you may not understand how ENORMOUS that it really is.  We left Dallas around 7:45 and arrived in Lubbock just after 1.  God protected us in an incredible way, as we were adjacent to a drunk driver when he drove off the rode and through the grass.  If he had turned right instead of left, we would have been in a major accident.

It will never get old to just appear in Lubbock to surprise Staci.  She knew we were coming, but she thought we would be there on Friday!

I packed some food, but not much – 3 servings of overnight oats mix (rolled oats and chia seeds), a banana, an orange, a fruit and nut bar, two rice cakes, and a packet of Justin’s maple almond butter.

Friday morning I managed to sleep until 9… I was zonked! I made some overnight oats in about 20 minutes, while I got ready. I was so excited to see that there was almond milk in the fridge when I got ready to make my breakfast!  I do not think that I could use straight up dairy milk if I had to.  I would rather make my oats with water.  Luckily my banana was SUPER ripe, so my oats were sweet and tasty!

Staci had to work, so Alyssa and I lounged before meeting Staci’s family for lunch at McAllister’s. Any time the word Deli is in the title you know that your vegetarian options are going to be limited. I was surprised to find vegetable chili on the menu.  I got a cup of veggie chili and a half of the vegetable baked potato (without cheese).  The potato toppings were pretty lame, BUT I spooned chili all over it and it was suddenly a meal!

Staci came home from her last day of work at her current job and we were ready to celebrate!

I am in love with all things curried right now.  In Lubbock, we always go to Maharaja… incredible food with incredible company!

Basmati rice, saag paneer, garlic naan… yum.  This restuarant takes its time and does this food oh so right!

After dinner we got coffee… I got an incredible iced decaf vanilla latte.  So rich, so good.

Staci practiced her nursing skills by taking Libby’s vitals. Staci will be starting nursing school at Tech in the fall!  I am so proud of her!

After coffee we headed to La Diosa to enjoy some live jazz music with Staci’s sister and brother-in-law.


The music was great. The singer’s voice was smooth.

Such a wonderful first day in Lubbock.

Great friends make any day wonderful!



One Response to “A Weekend in Lubbock Part 1”

  1. Christina August 3, 2011 at 9:53 pm #

    I am so glad that you have such good girlfriends! =)

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