In due time…

5 Aug

We will get back to Lubbock in due time…

Today I thought I’d try posting from my phone on my lunch break. Maybe you’d hear from me more often that way!

Life… Oh geez!

I’m car shopping again! One of the perils if the city is traffic and traffic jams and highway drama. Well, some hawkers were really focused on a roadside accident and slowed down abruptly. I slowed down too, but not fast enough.

Once again I am amazed by God’s gracious hand that protected me from injury! He is good!

So, I’ll be out in the 110 degree temps this weekend finding a car! But, I’m choosing to see the blessings. I’m not hurt. I have the money for a car. I have a job (well, 2). I’m just moving on!

I’ll give you the whole race run down from Saturday soon, but I will say this… I managed a new PR! Even despite the Lubbock heat!

This weeks workouts have been a little different. I did 1:20 of elliptical/inclined walking action late Sunday night. Monday I went to Body Pump. Tuesday I took off. Wednesday I took off in response to my exhaustion from Tuesday’s accident/joyous gender party for my sister’s baby. Thursday I did speed intervals. Today I am resting and tomorrow I will run 6 miles… Lord willing.

Yesterday’s intervals were the same as last week. But last week I immediately text Jesse upon completion and told him that they were surprisingly hard.

BUT, this week… I emailed him and told him that only the first was hard. Dare I say I am getting faster?!

In other news I finished my Diet and Nutrition therapy course with 3 great test grades. Seriously that class only had 3 grades. No pressure!

I went from having an open weekend to one packed with car shopping… But it’s fun to be able to look and pick what I want.

Speaking of what I want… I wanted to post photos of breakfast a d lunch and my phone is being silly. I’ll try again later.

Until then…,

Prehydrate and rehydrate!


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