Lubbock Part 2

6 Aug

One night Staci text Alyssa and I and said that she had just gotten an email about a 5k that would be taking place while we were in Lubbock.  I was planning to run on Saturday anyway, so I was game.

The race took place on the campus of Texas Tech.  It started right outside the football stadium and wound through the campus.

The race was extremely small.  I would say that about 70 people participated. It did not start until 8:15, which was 15 minutes late, so the sun was beaming and the temperature rising.

I run on Saturdays before the sun comes up, so I carried a bottle of water with me.  Boy am I glad I did, because they did not have a single water station.  I know it was only 3 miles, but I usually want something to drink by mile 2.

I used my new Garmin to watch my pace and wanted to stay around 11 minute miles.  I felt really comfortable there, so when I would start slacking a little I would pull myself back up to speed.

Alyssa and I ended up crossing the 3.1 mile mark at 33:23… 1:09 faster than my time at the Firecracker 5000!

I was really proud of us, because it was hot! The course actually measure longer than a 5k to me and a couple other Garmin wearers, so I went with the time and distance of my Garmin.

After the race we headed to J&B Coffee Co… again. I am telling you I love this place!  If it were near my home I would be in trouble! Chain restaurants and coffee shops hold little appeal to me.  I would much rather support a person than a corporation.

I was going to get a scone, until I saw these “cookies”.  I read the ingredients, and they were all REAL FOOD! And, it was made in Texas! Once again, supporting a small business and my very own state!

The entire “cookie” was actually 2 servings, but I about the right number of calories for a breakfast that will keep me full for a while. So I ate the whole thing along side a decaf iced coffee with soy.

We did a little shopping and then met some of Staci’s family for lunch at Sugar Baker’s.  It is a small bakery/restaurant that had one veg friendly option… a pb and j. The jelly was Bama, so I skipped that.  I just had the p on rye bread.

On the side I had the fruit cup, which was doused in cream.  Yes, it tasted good.  No, the cream was not necessary.  I wish it would not have been there.  Fruit is sweet enough without adding anything to it.

After lunch we got into our bathing suits and headed for the pool.  I actually fell asleep for a while in the sweltering heat.  I get sleepy when I get too warm.  I actually never got in the water. The sun felt good, though I lay there and sweat for almost 2 hours.

Dinner was my choice, and I will admit it was kind of a bust.  I found a restaurant online called Manara Cafe, which had Mediterranean food.  I was disappointed that their ovens were not working, so our options were limited.

We devoured the hummus, which was so-so and the tabouli which was pretty good.  The falafel was actually wonderful… very dill-y. I love dill! The pita was obviously store bought and disappointing. Luckily, we did not pay much for the meal.

After eating we met Staci’s friend Libby to walk in a park because the evening was actually cool enough to be outside.  They took us to a beautiful new neighborhood with an incredible park in the center.



The ladies lounged. I took pictures.  I tried sitting… I am just not good at it.

The sunset was beautiful and the clouds put on quite a show for us.

Eventually we left and went to a little ice cream shop.  I kind of wanted frozen yogurt, but really did not want to eat dairy again.  So I opted for italian ice, which really really disappointed!  I should have just thrown it away.  It was not worth eating, but it is really hard for me to throw away food that I pay for.

The night ended at Libby’s, where we my Cooper, her mammoth of a sweet dog.  Though he is over 100 lbs, he was gentle and kind.  I am not really a dog person, so I let Alyssa handle all the petting, but I appreciated how well behaved he was.  He is a good boy.

Another late night… followed by an early morning.




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