Lubbock – Part 3… The last part, I promise

8 Aug

Hello from work! I hauled my computer to work with me today… I act like it weighs a ton. I thought I would round out this Lubbock recap… only 1 week too late. Sorry about that!

Before going to bed Saturday night I checked the Einstein’s Bagels website for options I would actually eat.  While they had a couple bagel thin options that will not shock you with their calorie content I also  saw that there bagels contain high fructose corn syrup, which is lame and unnecessary.  So, I opted for overnight oats, made in the morning while I got ready. I never get tired of them!

I did get a decaf coffee, which I was able to take to church with me.  I love churches that let you drink coffee in the sanctuary.  This church actually provides coffee in the sanctuary.  I am a much better listener with coffee in hand! It is a fact!

For lunch we visited a restaurant called Home Cafe.  I did look at the website, which lists a portion of their menu.  But, they base their menu daily on what fresh ingredients that can get that day.  I can appreciate that!

I can also appreciate that they serve their drinks in Mason jars… made me feel at home, because we have a couple of those in our cabinets to this day.

I was nervous though, because I knew they were going to have “down home” options and I do not eat so many these days.  I was surprised though to find a few good options.  A few things tempted me… pancakes, eggs, jalapeno biscuits, pizza…  they looked amazing!

I ended up ordering a side salad with lemon vinaigrette… and the jalapeno cheese grits.

OH MY GRITS! These were incredible!  The salad was light and fresh.  The vinaigrette tangy… such a good meal.

I did nab a piece of pizza off of Libby’s plate for good cheesy measure.  I have been wanting pizza and that homeade, garlicky, cheesy pizza hit the spot.  And, seems to have satisfied the pizza want that I had.

A 5 hour drive home for me and Alyssa rounded out the weekend.  We both had to be ready to hit the ground running on Monday. We each had out prospective bars on the way home… mine a Lemon Larabar.  Lots of water for me!  And there was a restroom stop at a shady joint that looked nice from the outside. Looks can be deceiving!

I love Lubbock, but mostly because of the people that live there.  I am confident that it would be tough to eat out plant based in Lubbock.  I am blessed that Dallas has a lot of options for me to choose from. Like Spiral Diner, Sweet Tomatoes, Fadi’s.  Those restaurants make it hard for me to choose because the food is all so good!

In the end it is the people that make anyplace truly significant.

It is always hard to say goodbye to a wonderful friend like Staci, but easier when you know when you will see each other again!

See ya soon  Staz!

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