Not So Proud

14 Aug

For just a moment, ok, more like a month, I forgot what my goal is.  I forgot why I am shlepping myself into classes full of 19 year olds. I forgot why I am working full time and yet taking as many classes as I possible can.  I forgot what made 19 hours of chemistry worth it…

But, thank God for being so patient with me.  Thank my friends for reminding me.  Thank my family for never giving up on me.

It is easy to forget the goal along the way, especially when the journey is long and difficult.

It only took a moment of surrender, as I started my computer and said, “Lord, I’ve looked for classes and did not find any that worked with my work schedule.  If I am supposed to be in school then I trust that you have classes that will work.  I am leaving it in your hands.”

AND, the classes were there.  So, I am officially enrolled in two more classes for the fall semester… Anatomy and Physiology I and Intro to Business.  I know A&P requires a lot of studying, so please send notecards… and gift cards for coffee houses (I study best away from home).  I am looking forward to the business class because it is nothing like I have ever taken, so why not?  I may really enjoy it.

Yesterday I awoke at 5am to the sound of rain pittering and pattering on my window.  Texas NEEDS RAIN, so there were no complaints from me.  But it sounded like it may be short lived, so I set my alarm for 6 and rolled over.  Six came and went and it was still raining.  So, I resolved that since I would be running on a treadmill that I may as well sleep till 7.  Well, I woke up at 8:30… and boy was it nice.  I got about 9.5 hours of sleep… divine.

I slowly got ready to go to the gym, debating whether I should just run on the treadmill at my house and watch TV on the DVR.  But, I was afraid that it would be too easy to quite early when home was around me.  So, I went to the gym and got on the treadmill, knowing I would be there OVER AN HOUR!  That is enough to bore anyone!

I did not even listen to music.  I didn’t want to risk my headphones annoying me for 6.5 miles.  So, I just listened to the whirr of the treadmill, the advice of trainers, the phone conversations of others, and the grunts of buff men lifting weights.  I read the captions of a few infomercials, before the desk lady walked by and I asked her to change the channel to HGTV (4 miles in).

At 5 miles I was getting close to the 1 hour mark and the treadmill would need to be started over.  So, I played a mind game with myself.  I told myself I could stop to fill my water bottle at 4 miles… then at 4.5… then finally at 5.

I had to complete 6 miles, but really wanted 7.  6.2 was the farthest I had ever gone and I knew that this was the day I would go farther.  So, I aimed high… and right around the 6.5 mark I knew my body was done.  It wanted breakfast… or maybe that was just me.

So, I took my soaked to the bone body and stretched a good long stretch.  Geez my hip flexors needed it!

Then I went home for a banana, protein, chia, coconut water smoothie.

You know you sweat a lot when you actually have to hang your clothes to dry before putting them in the dirty clothes… too much info? Sorry.

For lunch I had vegan pho… oh… my… tofu.  This hit the spot.

I managed to eat like utter crap the rest of the day… which I am not proud of.  Not one bit.

Today was a much better food day.

I also spent about 2 hours redeeming a Groupon at Ft. Worth Running Co, getting new running shoes.  If you run, or even walk alot, and just buy your shoes off of some rack…. STOP!

Your feet are begging you to go to a running store…. and I am NOT talking about Foot Locker.  I mean Run On, Luke’s Locker, The Runner,  Ft. Worth Running Co.  These people know what they are talking about.  They are trained to look at your feet, your shoes, your gait, etc and help you find the shoes that will best suit your feet.

I do not need shoes yet, but I know I will.  I am actually really excited to give them a go.  New shoes are fun… especially since I managed to get brown shampoo on my current shoes.  Would it hurt them if I dunked it in water to get the shampoo out?

Well, I have Body Pump in the morning, so I am headed to bed (yes, it is before 10).

Guess what’s for breakfast… overnight oats. Portable. Filling.  Cold. Perfect post workout breakfast on the go.

Good night.  Hope your weekend was grand!

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