All Before 7:30

18 Aug

I’ve always considered myself a night owl – the kind of person who would prefer to stay up until 2 am, only to rise the next day after 9.

But people change… when they choose to, of course. And change I have, in deed.

It rained on Saturday, so my 5:30 run was moved back to 8:30.  As I drove to the gym I could not help but feel like I had already wasted half of my day.  Then it hit me that it was ony 8:30… which is a perfectly normal time to start a Saturday.

I work out on M, Tu, W, and Th, getting to the gym between 5 and 5:15.  That means that I am out of bed around 4:45.  I am not saying that it is always easy to wake up at that time, but never once have I regretted it.  There have been a couple occasions where I made it to bathroom, and turned right back around to find that warm spot in my bed.  Sometimes it is just the right thing to do.

Usually if I get up as soon as my alarm begins, I am good to go.  If I immediately brush my teeth then it is set in stone… I am out the door.

On Saturday I usually get out the door around 5:30 and on Sunday around 6, which feels like sleeping in.

This has become my habit.  It all started with a desperate desire to work Body Pump into my schedule. My enjoyment of that class was enough to motivate me out of bed.

Eventually it turned into an appreciation of the way I felt all day long.  After a morning work out I feel charged and ready.  I am more mentally alert.  I have energy.  I feel more focused (someone as ADD as I needs all the help she can get).

There is also an element of need and practicality.  If I schedule my workout at 5am, RARELY will something else come up and interrupt my plan.  Furthermore, with a busy life (Hello, full time job, part time job, school, marathon training, and a special project at church!), the other hours of the day are best spent doing other things.

This morning my alarm went off at 4:35, and I ignored it until 4:45… which is why I was late to where I was headed.

Remember when I went of that little day trip of small town Texas with my friend who has a vintage store?  Well, this morning I was introduced to the beauty and chaos of an estate sale.

If you tell most people that you need to be somewhere at 5:45, and that somewhere is 30 minutes from your house, they would laugh at you, but not I!

It was such an interesting experience to go to a neighborhood that was all dark and stand outside of a house for 45 minutes (there were 3 people in line before us, since I made us late). People had flashlights and were peeking through the windows.  I listened as these old pros discussed their war stories of estate sales and vintage selling.

We were there for 3 things in particular… 2 tables and a record stand.  The game plan was set!  As soon as the door opened, I was to go straight to the record stand and take off the tag… then it was ours.

Sounds simple.

Right before the door opened my friend spotted a fellow vendor that would be looking for the same things.  So, we had no time to waste!

As soon as the door opened, the 3 people in front of us and we went through the door.  Everyone serious and on a mission.

I got my tag!  My friend got his tags too!

45 minutes of waiting… 30 seconds of work…

Well, there was a little drama with the competitor guy.  He apparently thought he was buying one of the tables, which ended up being two pieces.  He was MAD and ready to throw down.  We just watched and waited and the nice ladies running the sale took care of us.  What an intense moment, all over a table that cost $35.

Well, I put my Body Pump strength to use and helped carry the tables to the car.  Then we headed back through Dallas as the sun rose.

All before 7:30…

And that my friends is why I am proud to say that I, Danielle Kracht, am officially an early bird, and on this day we got the worm**.

**No worms were harmed in the creating of this post, though maybe that old guy isn’t all that happy. **

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