Run and Rest

20 Aug

My goal today is to leave my house once… and only once.

I did not even leave the house to run this morning.  I can not blame my alarm for sleeping until 8:30.  I can and will only blame sheer choice. I did not get to bed until after 11 last night, and 6am was not looking pretty.  So I reset my alarm, and decided to just run on treadmill.  I am glad I did, because I eventually saw on Jason’s twitter that is was already 92 when he started his run before 5.  So, 6 would have been brutal.  No thanks.

I did not feeeel like running.  (Can you tell I was whining there, because I was.)  I laid there when I fiiinally woke up and thought, “Where did my running mojo go?”

I got dressed and had a piece of toast with sunflower butter and Crofter’s strawberry jelly.  Then I filled two water bottles and pulled out two dates for my run.  Today was the first day I was going to try eating while running.

I started slow and conservative, I had a least 7 miles to complete.

By around mile 1 was nice and comfortable.  Then again I was watching Suits on USA.  The only shows I ever make time to watch are on USA.

Around 4 miles I popped a date.  It had been out of the fridge for long enough to get warmed up, and it chewed up easy.  It was amazing that I could feel the increase of energy from those beautiful carbs.  I popped another around mile 5.5.

Before I knew it I was at mile 7, and I was set to keep going.  I actually sped up for a while.  I finished my 7.5 miles, even though I could have continued.  I wanted to keep going, but I had already run a mile farther than I had ever run, so I cooled down and did some dynamic stretching.  Then I finished up stretching on the floor.

After my run I made a huge smoothie.

almond milk, decaf iced coffee (I ran out of milk), banana, cherries, spinach, protein powder, raw rolled oats, and chia seeds, topped with granola

I wasn’t hungry at lunch time, but when I was finally hungry, I was HUNGRY.

I boiled some rotini, steamed some squash, and warmed some tomato sauce (which I added garlic, spinach, and Italian seasoning to).

Lots of veggies, a little pasta, with sauce and lentil beans.

My plan for the day is to conquer my to do list, but rest too.  At some point I need to wash my car and go to the grocery store.

If you see me in public, consider this your fair warning… I will not be putting on make up today. Rest day indeed.


2 Responses to “Run and Rest”

  1. Christina August 20, 2011 at 4:49 pm #

    I had the same idea while approaching today!! No make-up at all, and only leaving the house once!! (to attend my first prenatal massage and pick up a few groceries) SO FAR, SO GOOD!! I did get all the laundry done also, which was a nice addition to the plan.


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