Cutting Back

22 Aug

I am working on a little daunting post that has been in the works for far too long, about why and how I went from a processed food loving, meat eating, sugar addicted gal who thought, “What is one more calorie?” to a plant based eater that sees food as fuel.

See what I mean by daunting? I want to compile some of the statistics and revelations that really hit home with me.  I am not trying to argue or convince you of anything.  I am also not going to justify myself.  I am, however, going to explain myself, my motivation, my intent.  It should be a good exercise for us both.

In the mean time, I thought I would share some of my thoughts about food and exercise for the week.

Do you plan your meals a week at a time, because I sure don’t.

I do however try to plan staples.

Saturday night I soaked black beans, and Sunday they cooked in the crock pot on low all day. Total time invested, about 5 minutes.

I also cooked some quinoa.  I did have to be somewhat present for this cooking, but it only takes about 20 minutes, start to finish. Ashley over at Edible Perspective has a recipe for fool proof quinoa.  I did not use her recipe, as I found it after my quinoa was already cooking.

What is quinoa?  Good question.

Quinoa is a protein rich seed, which contains all 9 essential amino acids (essential amino acids being the ones we must get from food because our body does not make them).  It has a fluffy, almost creamy texture when cooked.  It is a relative of leafy greens, such as spincah and swiss chard.  It is rich with lysine (needed for tissure repair), as well as manganese, iron, copperm and phosporous. In only 1/4 c quinoa thee is 5.5g of protein and 2.5 g fiber, with about 159 calories.

Quinoa is a wonderful addition to a summer salad, a dip, a soup, or een a casserole.

This week I will be using quinoa in salads, to replace rice in stir fry, and in (today’s lunch) Quinoa Egg and Veggie Bake. (Hey, wait, you don’t eat eggs.  Well, on occassion.  The chickens in our petting zoo at work live a charmed life, so I am ok with their little eggs.)

You can read more about Quinoa here.

After Saturday’s perfect run… oh, I know I did not seem all that excited on Saturday but I had just run 7.5 miles.

I was/am excited about it.  I ran more than half of the 1/2 marathon distance, and I lived to tell about it. Mind you, I was on a treadmill, which meant that I did not have to contend with the heat or humidity.

This week I am focusing on seeing food as fuel.  That is what it is after all.

God created a beautiful garden, then he created people.  Then he told Adam and Eve that they could eat from the garden, and eventually he told them they could eat the animals too. The purpse of the food was to sustain them.

We need to eat, but we do not need to eat as much as we want or what we want. Sometimes we need to eat only what we need to eat.  That means eating foods of many colors.  That means leaving out the sugar and butter.  That means focusing on eating from all of the food groups.

So this week I am focusing on eating well, but eating less.  My idea of portion size and calorie content is often exaggerated.  My concept of the number of calories that I need is definitely flawed at times.  I do not have the time, patience, or desire to count calories or weigh every ounce of food.  So, my plan is to just eat what I would normally eat for the most part, minus 1/3-1/2.

For example, instead of eating a whole banana in my oatmeal this morning I only used 1/2.  Instead of using 1/3 c rolled oats, I used 1/4.

For some reason I have it in my head that I need to eat the moment I feel hunger.  I know that I should not get too hungry, and I must have a plan for when I do get hungry.  But, a little hunger is not going to kill me.  ESPECIALLY, when I sit in an office.

So, here is my challenge to you…

1. When choosing what to eat this week, choose to eat something you NEED and to not eat something your body does not need.

2. Eat less. You have to eat, but most of us are eating too much.  So, put some of it back.  Cut your portion by 1/3.  (Unless of course you need to gain weight. )

So, I’ll be keeping my fingers out of the peanut butter jar this week… which for me is not as easy as it sounds.

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