The Key

23 Aug

Operation cutting back is going pretty good! I did encounter a dilemma yesterday afternoon when I was hungry and getting a headache, so I ate my pre workout snack as an afternoon snack.

That meant running home to change and eat something else before my workout. I had some oatmeal breakfast bars frozen in the fridge, which worked nicely as a snack.

Before Body Pump, I ran a mile, walked on an incline, and dabbled on the elliptical. While I waited for yoga to finish, I stood with some other ladies. This guy walked by and asked if the class was really that good. In unison we responded, “yes”. Body Pump has such a huge following. What will I do without it?

It was interesting to feel the difference in my energy level at 6:30pm versus 5:45 am. When Body Pump is my first energy expenditure I can push much harder. This teacher was also hard. She did not follow the normal routine. She added things, which all made it more difficult.

The chest track right now is “Sweet Child of Mine” and hearing it alone makes my muscles fatigue right now. I was making such awful faces last night. It hurt, it burned, but I made it!

I knew exactly what I wanted for dinner… Emulsified food. So I had a smoothie of almond milk, kale, frozen peas, a banana, frozen cherries, ice, flax, protein powder, and unsweetened cocoa. I topped it with a little shredded wheat and granola for crunch. Perfect!

After a long hot shower, to return my body temp to normal after sitting in sweaty clothes while eating ice cream a smoothie, I contemplated going to sleep. But, I had black beans in the fridge to make into soup.

So I chopped and simmered, while watching Everybody Loves Raymond, and I was still in bed by 10. Amen!

This morning I warmed up a Quinoa and Egg Veggie Bake and toasted a piece of bread.


I put a bit of Crofter’s Strawberry Fruit Spread on my toast for something sweet. The key is, you don’t need to put a lot, you just need to turn the toast jelly side down when you bite it. Then you taste the jelly!

Iced coffee with soy to wash it all down…

I am not too excited about the black bean soup I made, but I brought it for lunch to give it a fair shot.  But boy do I want to make this Roasted Tomato and Grilled Corn Soup.


3 Responses to “The Key”

  1. Christina August 23, 2011 at 9:15 am #

    I am really hoping that you find a way to keep your gym membership. You are supposed to be my pregnancy workout buddy…remember??? Not to mention my post-pregnancy kick my butt in gear workout buddy!!

    • weightsandmeasures August 23, 2011 at 9:16 am #

      I know. I was thinking last night when I was at Body Pump that I do not know how long I will be able to stay away. 😦


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